Will Smith as Ali

What does everyone think of this? I saw a few stills and he looks okay. I just wasn’t sure he could get bulky enough. In GQ they said he bulked to 212. He’s 6’2". How heavy was Ali?

About 205 against Liston, and 215-220
when in shape when he had developed some
more. This was at 6’3".

Of course, if he’d lifted weights at all
Ali would have been considerably bigger. But boxers did not
do that back then.

Ali really wasn’t that big. I mean he was over 6 foot and over 200 but not that muscular. He just knew how to box.

I saw on TV that Smith gained 35 pounds of muscle in a year for that movie. That’s some serious juice to do that. Anybody who says otherwise is full of shit. What pisses me off is that everybody will go on TV saying how hard thye worked and all that shit when the whole time, he had somebody putting a needle in his ass while going to the gym.

One of these numbers is inaccurate: If he had bulked up to 212, there is no truth to the claim of a 35-lb gain. There is no way in the world that Mr. Smith has weighed 177 pounds anytime in the last 5 years. He was heavier than that for Independence Day. Judging from the trailers, I would estimate him being closer to 220 and we are looking at a 20-25lb weight gain over the years time. I’m not at all arguing whether or not juice was used, my point is just that the 35lb-212lb numbers don’t jive with what you can see with the naked eye.

I’m sure it helps when you have a movie studio paying for whatever you eat, a nutritionist (a good one) telling you what to eat, someone cooking it for you, he probably had a good strength coach to make him workout, money to buy whatever supplements he wanted, and then if all else fails he has steriods too. PLUS he had probably never trained or trained seriously so that helps. Thats why I get pissed off at all the fat celebrities, they have the money to buy whatever they want and train with whoever they want, but they are still fat. Oprah is my prime example. Bitch.

Unger, very often fat people are
psychologically more comfortable
being fat. That’s very strong
there subconsciously, so while they
may make a conscious decision to lose
fat, they’ll just get it back again.

Here’s something to remember about
being fat: you CHOOSE to buy those size
36, size 50, or whatever pants. There
was a time when you definitely did have
clothes to wear none of which were bigger
than size 34 (or 48 or whatdever), but you
DECIDED to go buy the bigger size. You
didn’t have to. You could have bought the
same as you already had. And if they
were getting a little tight, it doesn’t
take much slimming to get tight pants
back to being comfortable.

No, i don’t think will used steroids at all. He diffenlty got big. But i watched an interview with him this evening, He trained for 2 years getting ready for the role. i would say 35 lbs of muscle in 2 years on his frame is attainable without the juice.

Ali did have a muscular back and shoulders.
Apparently (according to an advertisement for the movie) Smith’s bench press went from 180 to 340+ (i think they said 360 but it was defintely above 340).
the body weight gain I believe he could have done without steriods.
But a strength gain like that???
Im not so sure

I still say he was on gear. I’ve a got competitive BBer who juices during the 3 months prior to shows and his average gain has been 10 lbs/year for the past 10 years. Plus, Smith isn’t that young. He’s a typical ectomorph and to gain 35 lbs of muscle can only be done with juice. I wish I had some too.

Is that orange juice or apple?

I had to run an errand earlier today, and
while I was in the car I had on NPR. The show
Fresh Air with Terry Gross happened to be on,
and she had an interview with Will Smith about
the movie. He claimed he weighed 223 (at a
height of 6’2") while he was filming the
movie, and that his weight had dropped back
down to 205 at the time of the interview.
What I thought was really funny though is that
his voice had dropped by about 3 octaves
since the last time I had heard it. Nope he
wasn’t using any gear …

It seems like a big flop in the making.

I don’t know, it might be alright. I think Big Will can pull it off. He’s one of the cool guys in Hollywood. He’s funny, cool with the chicks, and even though I don’t buy his albums, he makes good music… for hiphop anyways. He’s got talent.

Saw a documentary on Ali recently, with a lot of file footage of fights and interviews. As Richard Pryor used to say, “He fights so pretty it makes your dick hard.” But – I had forgotten what a loud mouthed, obnoxious sob he was. I was a little taken aback by some of his interviews, esp where he tore into Joe Frazier for being an “uncle tom”, and the “white man’s boy”. Pretty brutal. Still, now JF is a retired, successful businessman (he had a restaurant chain)and still looked good in the documentary and Ali looks like human jello. Karma?

actually, huck, ali has brain damage from boxing which caused his parkinsons so he is barely able to walk or speak. i’d guess working out is probably not an option. as for will, i knoe someone who put on about 50 pounds of muscle in about 2 years completely naturally. so why couldn’t will do it with a trainer and nutritionist and everything else? sure, he may have juiced, but just because he put on 35 pounds in a year doesn’t mean he definately did.

Its the sport of boxing. A mentality like that is probably the only thing that kept in going most of the time. He once fought 7 rounds after having is jaw broken in the second.
The rope-a-dope thing required a huge attitude and arrogance. But behind that was a great man and political leader that did what had to be done in that time and cultural setting. I firmly believe that without Muhamid ali the world esp for black people would be a very different place. He did lots of work of good causes. So although sometimes he was mean and cruel with a big mouth he never raped anyone said he was going to eat people kids and actually did a lot to improve conditions and more importantly morale (spelling??) of young balck americans

Anyone interested in Ali should pick up Ghosts of Manila, a great book that slices through the Ali myth like a hot knife through butter. Ali was nothing but a puppet for the Black Muslims.

Hey, I never said he didn’t have a set, and I am sure he lots of black kids someone to look up to. I just said he was mean and loud. And no, you don’t have to be that way to succeed in the ring. I am sure we can all think of some who aren’t. How about SR Leonard?

Ali was an obnoxious and outspoken heavyweight champion boxer. He did not do a goddamn thing to change the lives of young black men alover the fucking planet. That is some patronizing bullshit. Young black men would be different without Ali? Yeah right, they would have no reason to get out of bed without a fucking boxer everyone in Hollywood wants to blow.