Will fat fast day on/day off still work?

The fat fast is excruciating, but could the pain be softened by working a schedule of a day on/a day off? Let’s assume, of course, that the “day off” doesn’t mean a non-diet day, just a non-fat fast day in which you’re still eating responsibly with plenty of protein, flax, tons of water, MD6, and fiber, but also with moderate low-GI carbs (fruits, veggies, perhaps as post-workout). I realize the progress would be dampened by the alternations, but would it still be more effective than a drawn-out, long-duration typical diet? Or have I missed the whole point absurdly?

I think one day on/off wouldn’t work really because you don’t have time to get into ketosis, which is the whole point. I am going to try body opus/fatfast this spring though. Maybe alternating days between protien shakes and flax oil then going to beef, chicken etc and see how that works. There is absolutey no way in hell that I could go 30 days straight on that diet.

I have had success in the past with a diet similar to the fat fast on this schedule: 5 days strict high quality fat followed by 2 days high protein low fat. I’m not sure if there is any science behind it, because it was just something I tried on my own to break up the monotony, but it worked great for me (28 days bfp went from 13% to 6%). I don’t believe I experienced any gains in lbm, but at the time I did not have the luxury of androsol. Overall, I would have to say try different things and see what works best for you.

You kind of missed the point, You want to be in ketosis, So go on the fat fast diet for two or three weeks then move on to the low carb diet. I would go 40/30/30.

Yeah, 30 days on flax oil and pro powder would take the mental stamina of Andy Duvrane from “The Shawshank Redemption.” I used to think i was hardcore doing BodyOpus with a 12 day no carb. Looks like I’ve been schooled.

Yeah, but TJ, T-mag once said that anytime you eat less than 100g of carbs a day you’re in ketosis. So wouldn’t that suggest that ketosis is something you could accomplish on the “on” days of the alternating fat-fast? And even out of ketosis, you can still burn a lot of fat on a healthy moderate-carb diet, but without the painfulness of 30 days of the fat-fast.

First, I just want to say you shouldn’t modify a diet too drasticly just to make things more convenient or you won’t get the results you want. Anyways, I’m a FF vet. I haven’t tried a day on/day off cycle, but recently I’ve done four days on/one day off for a two-week period and I’ve lost the same bodyfat amounts in my previous cycles where I moderately cheated on Sunday. The low-GI carb thing is good because you don’t want to negate two days of hard work. Make sure to increase your MD-6 dosages on the off day (and after FF to prevent rebound). Also, I’m reading posts on the board here from people who are under the impression that you must take in liquid protein and flax oil or you must do it for thirty days just because Brock did/tried to. That’s not neccesary. I’ve eaten solid foods on this one and you can do it for a week, two weeks, but probably shouldn’t do it more than three (your body might fight against it).

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I don’t think the goal of this diet should be to get into ketosis. From what the book the Ketogenic Diet explains, a ketogenic diet doesn’t start to spare any significant amount of nitrogen until about the 3rd week in ketosis. Of course it will gradually spare little by little more nitrogen over the first few weeks, but not enough that it would be of any true significance. In Lyle’s book he further suggests that some carbs would even prevent more muscle loss as muscle is broken down to provide glucose to the brain. I know Brock is one helluva smart guy, but I just don’t understand all his recommendations for the fat fast diet. Wouldn’t some solid food make sense as it takes more calories to digest solid foods than liquid (although pretty much insignificant)… also wouldn’t it make sense if you’re going on such a radical diet to eat a higher ratio of protein to fat? if you’re only getting 150g of protein while lifting, this is definitely not enough to spare nitrogen especially on such a low cal diet (again, according to Lyle’s book). I think if you weigh 200, it would make more sense to get 200g of protein, and then 500-800 calories worth of flax seed oil. Perhaps I’m dead wrong, and please correct me if I am, but doesn’t this make sense?

SBL, I think you may be wrong. The idea behind being in ketosis is for your body to scour your fat reserves and use those for energy. One of the benefits of ketosis is it’s muscle sparing properties. I think brock did the powder and flax to take any guess work out of the whole thing and make sure he got all the protien he needed and that it was digested, but I to could be wrong, which is whats great about this board because If I am wrong I will be quickly refuted and we will have all learned something.

SBL, those are the stupidest things I’ve ever heard man… I mean like how would you ever consider going against what Brock Strasser would have to say? The guy’s a genius! Follow it exactly, or it’s not gonna work.