wieghtlifting recovery

do you now if i can order surge on the phone?
i live in israel and that is aproblem
to order true the net…so if you can give me aphone and aprice i will be realy thankful

  1. I think working out 6x/week is fine. I do that as well, using the same lifts/variations you use. I’m sure if your an accomplished lifter, you have your volumes/cycles taken care of.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my money on Surge. Not that it isn’t good, I’m sure it is. It’s just that if you are already having problems getting it, I would simply do as the others have said and prepare your own drink. 1:2 pro:carb, carbs should preferably be dextrose (hence - gatorade), protein should be whey. Your current drink isn’t that bad, just alter the macros a little, and possibly look for another source for your carbs.

Just my opinion.

Scott P: the problem is that their coach uses old fashion periodization, and the work close to the max, 6 sessions, 2 hours each, every week. so what you said in your first point doesnt suit him.

granted, amit is genticaly gifted, form a little chat that we had I gathered that he was a track and field athlete and last year had some numbers that put him top 30 in his weight in the WORLD. but, he gave up to soon on proper training and nutrition and looks for miracle supplements and recommendations.

not gonna happen…


ok thank you!
couple more qustions…
1}so what is the rate of protein-carbs
in the post work out drink…some pepole
say diffrent thing?what the trurth?
and is gloucuse beeter then fructose?

2}my trainning are build on abulgarian
method and most lifters ther train clos to their max{80-95%}evry day.they
also train 2-3 workouts per day…i od only 1 aday of 2 ours becuse i must work in the morning!but is so wrong with my progrem?i odnt have difficlty to make it with the body…the had and
the CNS are the problem.my body can take it my had and brain some times cant…this is the answer im looking how
to get the brain work with the body?

3}answer about even little tips to make
my progrem more effective will be very

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