Why Cycle MAG-10 ??

Just wondering – why would I ever want to cycle Mag-10 anyway for 2 weeks? I can do 8-12 week cycles of Sustanon and get my nuts normal with some Clomid. Why not just do Mag-10 for 6-12 weeks then throw in some Clomid at the end? Seems like common sense to me.

Good question. Mike M. used to say that 2 weeks was just enough time for something to effectively integrate into the system. Wyhy not go longer and then clomid ourselves?

Well, for one, not many regular gym goers want to have to buy a black market drug like Clomid just so they stay on a legal product longer. But Bill has also stated that the long term results are better when you cyle anyway, so why not cycle, get better results in the long term and not have to buy a prescription drug? Makes sense to me.

I want to know the biological basis for suggesting 2 week cycles. If endogenous testosterone production is the only concern, then I would definitely go for the long cycles. I suspect the results would be better, just as they are with real crank. I can back up what Akicita said – it takes at least 2 weeks for steroids to kick where you feel ‘on’. All this 2 week on /off business looks good on paper but thats about it. Do you know any BIG guys who use cycles like this? The answer is no, so why waste MAG-10 this way?

Sublime, no, it’s not correct that pharmaceutical steroid cycles must take 2 weeks to kick in. That is true only of stacks that are not very strong in the first place, and typically also where users fail to use
the front-loading method that I introduced (so far as I know) to bodybuilding a number of years back.

Results with frontloading and a proper stack
are typically very clearly seen within 3-5 days. The first workout while “on” can produce dramatically visible improvement in that time frame.

However, sure, you can use longer cycles also with proper recovery agents.

If you make equal comparisons then results
are not better with longer cycles with equal percentage of time off.

You can come up with unequal examples that
give the opposite impression. Suppose for
example that you wish to be “on” half the

You decide to compare results AT EIGHT WEEKS
from a single cycle with results from two 2 week on / 2 week off cycles.

Sure, at that one point in time the longer
cycle wins. But, the comparison is uneven.
Twice as much androgen has been used. And the off time has not been accounted for!

Over the entire 16 week period, let’s face
it, with the longer cycle, you’ve been off
8 weeks. With the brief alternating cycle,
you’re now just 2 weeks off of the peak
you attained.

There will be a few weeks out of the 16 weeks where the longer cycle plan may have you ahead, but most of the weeks it’s the other way around. It’s also to be expected that the peak of the four 2 on / 2 off cycles will exceed the peak of the single 8 week cycle.

Thanks Bill for the response – much appreciated. I WAS thinking at the eight week point comparison. I’ll give the 2 weeks on/off a try and see how it works.

Hope you get great results!

With the 2 week cycle plan, of course,
the 2 weeks really have to be kick-ass.
Dosage, training, nutrition and rest
all need to be right.

Results then can be really excellent.

In contrast, with an 8 week cycle, you
have room for some crappiness that can
be fixed once you recognize the need for
change, since there’s time to make the