which is better, tprop+sustanon or tprop+winstrol?

OK, 2 wks on 4 wks off. Which gives better gains, 750 gms of sustanon on day 1 + 100 mg of testprop every 3rd day until the day 10 OR 100 mg of testprop every 3rd day until the day 10 + winstrol? If it’s Winstrol coupled with tp, what’s the proper dosage and schedule (my lbm is about 166 lbs)? And is Winstrol just Winstrol whether we’re talking about depot or whatever?

I’d go with the testosterone propionate / Winstrol stack, with the Winstrol at 50 mg/day until day 10, and preferably 200 mg on the first day. Likewise, I’d also load a quadruple-dose of propionate on day 1.

As mentioned before, this doesn’t give you any unusually high levels… it just compensates for the fact that on later days, you won’t have in your system just the amount injected that day, but also a lot from previous days. On day 1, to get that same total amount in your system, you have to inject more.

Rule: amount = daily amount times (half life in days plus one.)

So, if half life is estimated at three days, the loading dose for the first day is four times the maintenance dose.