Where is Jerry Telle?

Does anyone know what happened to Jerry Telle? He wrote a few good articles for T-Mag and then disappeared. He was supposed to have also written a book that detailed and expanded on his unique exercise creations.

Jerry has a book and video. The book is unedited, and I can’t say I enjoyed reading it. Many things seemed to be missing from paragraph to paragraph. And it is more of a manual that is spiral bound and not an actual book. I read half of it and got bored. I have the video, and that is actually well-done. So if you decide to purchase one or the other, go for the video and wait until the book is rewritten and edited! I don’t know where he has been lately. Maybe he’s working on some new ideas.

He had some back surgery and was laid up for awhile. He’s doing much better now, and I’ll try giving him a call to see if he’s got anything new brewing.

I would love to see more pieces by Jerry!Of all the fabulous stuff
I’ve read in T-Mag, I think Jerry’s ranks amoung the top!Why…?
Because whenever I use his techniques, I’m able to apply them to related
and then to totally unrelated movements.Like any great teacher would,
he brings you to the point where you start figuring things out on your own.
(Please, get well soon!)