martial arts & training

Just wanted to throw a couple of questions by you guys.How can I get more information on autokinetics by jerry telle and what do you think about that russian guy Pavel.Oh yeah and one more thing you know any good books on matialarts&S.E.A.L training I heard does guys are really in shape.

If you haven’t seen the articles Telle wrote for this magazine, start there. Use the search engine… theres both a chest and shoulder routine that I know of. The shoulder one works especially well, really cool stuff. I think he’s got a book coming out too… you can get more info if you email him., sounds right…? Again, thats probably listed in the articles too.

For Martial Arts try Charles Staley’s “The Science of Martial Arts Training”. I personally like what Pavel has to say about a lot of things and have used many of his tips and techniques to improve my training in the last year.

If you pick up a martial arts magazine they are loaded with books and videos you can buy on these subjects. I think your rest bet is to go to They have a very wide array of books with reader reviews and ratings.

Martial arts + Seals???
Look up the name Paul Vunak, leader of Progressive Fighting Systems. He TEACHES the Seals (beware of SCARS, which is a SCAM!). He teaches Jeet Kune Do Concepts, as a direct, top pupil of Dan Inosanto.

Pavel is just like anyone else with training ideas. The ideas are not magical. What makes kettlebells superior to dumbbells? Why can’t you get the same benefits using dumbells? You can adjust the weight on dumbbells and they’re a lot cheaper. Seems as though he has us figuered out comrades.