When I grow up, I want to be an Alicorn

@simo74 it certainly felt like everyone was a winner, always a good progress measurement!

@EmilyQ it was time off that was needed, even if my head didn’t think so at first! I’m sure you understand the running feeling good too.


Monday 6/10
JN Essentials, 2 day program, W5D1

2 x 10(ea leg) x 40

9, 6, 6 x BW

DB Step up
2 x 12 x 25

Pull ups
6, 5 x BW

Cable Lat Raise
2 x (15-12) x 7

Tricep push down (machine)
2 x (15-12) x 90-70 dropset

Hip Thrust
16 x 135

Actually felt pretty easy. This block is a lot less heavy work, that should be good for now.
RDLs were light, felt a nice stretch in the hammy, but I struggle to feel like they are actually working the muscle.
Dips seem to always increase a rep, even when I don’t do them for a while.
I swapped hip thrusts for calves. I never do calves out of principle. That is what walking is for.

Tuesday 6/11
Weigh in
146.8, + 0.6lbs from last week

Week nutrition:

Total steps: 55k

Time to bring back the accountability. Weight is barely moving down over the last month. My mid-week weigh in was 144.6, lowest I have seen in ages. Got me all excited, then it bounced back up today. There were some extra carbs over the weekend, so I can’t be too surprised.

Just creeping down…


Saturday 6/15
JN Essentials, W5D2

Incline Machine Press
10, 10, 9 x 85

Magnum Machine Squat (plate weight only)
10 x 45, 10 x 55, 10 x 70

SL Hip Press
8, 8 x 180, 12 x 135

Cable Row
10 x 105, 8 x 125

SL Standing Ham Curl
10, 10 x 35

Spider Curl
2x (12-15 x 15-10)

Hanging Leg Raise
12 x BW

10 minute walk outside

Whatever day one in this rotation lacks on intensity, day two makes up for.
Really felt like I went to the gym after this. Legs are still tired. Always amazes me how much less weight one leg can do vs two. Way less than half!

Long weekend, had five flights with students. Got a new student as well. Hours are adding up nicely. Sitting at the day job on Monday, already tired. That’s how you know it was a good weekend!