Dchris's Grappling with Age

Edit: Transformation is over. Didn’t quite hit my goal. Current goal is to hit 2 plates on OHP, 3 on Front Squat and 5 on DL. I’m reasonably close to them and think at the end of the year is feasible.

Well, here we go. Hopefully all the trash talking with bob and others will keep me motivated to stick to this until June 1.

Starting stats:
Height - 6’4"
Weight - 227
BF - ~15%ish
Arms: 17"
Forearm: 13.5"
Handles: 38"
Calves: 17.25"

Weight - 200
BF - ~7%

Diet: I’ll be following a ketogenic diet. I know it seems extreme by most people’s standards, but It’s something I have done intermediately for the last 7 years and always regret coming out of. I’ve had stomach issues my whole life and they go away in Keto. I’ll probably have a meal with rice every 1-2 weeks on a DL day, depending on how I’m doing, since rice doesn’t cause issues.

Training: I’ll be doing 5/3/1. I workout in my garage and am limited to what I have. I have:

A squat rack - got for free from a HS along with horse mats.
barbell and 500lbs - got for $80 on craigslist!
2 curl bars - included in my $80 purchase above
20lb and 55lb KB
Pull-up Rings (although, I have to add some structural support to my 1930’s garage ceiling before I can utilize).

I will probably add a keg sometime in the next few months and I’d like to get a SSB or better bar as well.

The program will look something like:
DL 5/3/1
Pullups/Fat Man Rows 100 reps
KB Swings

Incline Bench 10x5, 10, 15 (85%, 75%, 65%)
Push ups

Flat Bench and Dips hurt my shoulder too much. So, high volume incline will hopefully suffice.

Front Squat 5/3/1
Back Squat last set of 5/3/1 for 10-20 reps
Split Squats 100 reps
Jump Squats

PushPress 5/3/1
Pullups/Fat Man Rows
Strict OHP 5x10
KB Swings

Cardio will be KB swings in the morning or plate touches (ground to over head) in the winter. Once it warms up, I’ll go for a mile jog (I HATE running!) or hit in the cages. A secondary goal of mine would be to run 5k without coughing up a lung.



Feeling really pudgy at 227 this morning. I haven’t lifted in over two weeks, and have been drinking and eating sh*t every day. By Wednesday, I’ll probably be about 220.

Woke up this morning and did 100KB swings.

Then several hours later did:
Front Squat 5/3/1
Back Squat LSL 2X10
Split Squats 2x10/leg

Here are my pudgy before pics. Front is relaxed, back shot is with lats spread. Need a place to take leg pics.



Morning Weight: 223

Ran into a friend at our favorite bar last night… ended up drinking more than I intended.

100KB 55lb Swings
Bench 5x15
Bicep Curls and Tricep dips

And, a leg pic. Bought a full size mirror just for this competition. lol

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You’ve got some solid quad development there mate. Will be cool to see the details start really coming in as you drop body fat. I know I’m looking forward to my legs getting some more shape to them.


It’s kind of bizarre, I haven’t done much for them. Just front, back and split squats. I wish my chest would grow as easily.

Nice! Great deals on equipment seem to be a thing of the past in Eastern Washington.

Hey, can you shoot me an email? I’d like to talk to you about possibly setting up some inter-league play this summer.

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Yep, will do. I’ll send one later today. You can remove your email if you want, I got it.

punk ass little bitch, you ain’t got shit!

You still planning a trip to Scotland?

Says the no-faced shitbag who has been trolling this site for years. DYEL?

Ya… almost booked flights yesterday, but need to clear it with the boss prior. The holiday has somehow morphed into a week in Thailand as well

Morning weight: unknown. Woke up at 5 for a dentist appointment and forgot to weigh myself.

I’ve been a bit pissy because I did 5’s week on my squats two days ago, but only got 5 on my + set. I chalked it up to 2 weeks of gluttony and inebriation. Only to realize today, that I did the 531 week’s weights. So, with that, think I’m doing alright.

Today’s workout:
5’s week +1 - Chalking this up to sore legs and entering keto
KB Rows

KB Swings x100

oooohhh dayum!

Dude a trip to Thailand’ll be way more fun than Scotland! Also if you come here I’ll make you fall back off the ice cream wagon

You’ll find me half naked in a gutter in Glasgow, with empty pints of ice cream and spoon hanging out of my mouth.

Ya, I have until April to lose the majority of my fat before i stroll the beach in Phuket.

you’d fit right in in Glasgow lying in the gutter having an OD

Damn, a sex change operation would be a pretty radical transformation…

For real, Thailand is pretty fun, though.

If my progress comes to a halt, I’ll go down this route. I’ll make sure to get a good boob job and glute implants.

True story
Was discussing with the wife today, about how voracious I was on vacation.

  • Back story
    All of the grocery stores, where i was staying, didn’t have plain peppermint ice cream, which is my favorite. There as only one brand that sold it this year and it contained a fudge swirl and chocolate bites. EW! I made my mother-in-law drive to 4 different stores looking for the good stuff. Sadly, it was nowhere to be found. So, like any good mother-in-law seeking my approval, she decided to make me home made peppermint ice cream; it was disgusting.
  • Epiphany
    Anyways, I gave in and bought the disgusting stuff and somewhere between finishing my first delicious bowl, of the night, and walking to the freezer to get more, I realized that I only remembered eating the first bite and the immediate sadness of eating my last. I literally do not enjoy each bite anymore, I just incessantly eat it without any emotion or gratification. So, if I can’t go 6 months without ice cream, I’m putting myself in rehab.

Chris’d only lose like 6 grams worth of dick, but every little helps I suppose!






Morning Weight: 221.8 - down 6 already.

Woke up and my back was F’d up. I know not to deadlift when my hamstrings are sore, but I did it any way. Now my lower back is broken. Been stretching, applying Icy/hot (office smells like a herd of old men stampeded through), getting a massage and adjustment later today.

Hopefully be back up and at em tomorrow.



Ordered a Thai pork salad for lunch, picked it up and there was a cup of rice. I couldn’t stand to throw it away… so ate it and now out of keto :confused:

OHP 5’s week +3
Strict press 5x10
KB row 5x10
Curls 3x12

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