More Trouble Than I Am Worth: Chaos Is The Plan (T3hPwnisher Log)

Continuing the discussion from Rebirth of the Juggernaut: Brute Force and Ignorance (Part 1) - #10025 by T3hPwnisher.

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First post in for this shit

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The saga continues.

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Rebirth of the Juggernaut was started as I was finally cleared to resume training after ACL reconstruction in Nov 2015. Prior to that moment, I had ruptured my ACL, tore my meniscus and fractured my patella attempting to scoot a 775lb yoke the final 6” of a 30’ medley. Prior to THAT moment, I had thought I as indestructible. Once I was cleared to resume training, it was time to reclaim that feeling. Over the span of the 5+ years of that log, I fully recovered, resumed competing, won more competitions, had a health scare, totally overhauled my nutrition and lifestyle, had COVID show up while I was in my prime competing years, and went through a lot of introspection and soul searching. That brings us to today.


I am not a strongman. I feel a need to make that clear, because I feel like people are in too quick a race to classify me and write me and what I do off under the lens of “you do that because you’re a strongman”. I compete in strongman because competition makes me stronger. It forces me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to accomplish things I didn’t know I could. But I have no interest in being the best strongman I can be. That idea bores me. That would mean specializing, buying and using the best equipment, getting coaching, using the best programming, peaking, and weight cutting, along with using drugs: none of which I intend to be doing.

So what is the goal? I was thinking about this on my drive to work today. I initially thought “be dangerous”, ala Brian Alsruhe. I think that’s a fantastic goal, and I think that captures things well…but not 100%. I then vectored toward “be a handful”, and I REALLY liked that one, feeling that was just about perfect, until I remembered a 1 degree difference I had written about earlier: be more trouble than you are worth.

That’s my goal. Much like I wrote how I have no aspirations of being the best strongman I can be, I DO want to show up to a competition and be “more trouble than I am worth”. I want other competitors to see me, sigh and say “f**k…”, knowing that, because I am there, they’re going to have to work WAY harder than they wanted to if they want to win. They’re going to have to hit 40 reps on the car deadlift and feel their lungs try to exit their throats. They’re going to feel the distinct sensation of their shoulder separating to get that final second on the crucifix hold. Because of me, they’re going to hurt.

I’m so far removed from fight training, but I want to be more trouble than I am worth. I want people to know that, if they scrap with me, they’re going to walk away knowing that they were in a fight. I want to be physically imposing enough that they have second thoughts on if the fight is worth it. I want to have a big enough gas tank that the fight goes the distance.

I want to be strong enough, conditioned enough, healthy enough, and just plain hard enough that I am more trouble than I am worth.

Here we go.


Thanks for the detailed response pwn. That gives me a lot to think about…have a great day!

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Along for the training, the great conversation and the bad ideas. Let’s do this.


Wow I get to witness the sequel of Pwn.
I’m going to tag @jshaving so he can witness the sequel as well.


Let’s not forget the front squat x 100 reps at 225lbs in your lastish post on your last log. Dang.

Just outstanding, i’m sure you’ll baffle the competition and continue to awe us all through your endeavors in this log fella. Here’s to the next 10,000 posts.


Hell yeah!

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@ChongLordUno Happy to have you dude.

@mr.v3lv3t Thanks for following!

@whiplash1 Always happy to discuss dude. Hope it helped.

@simo74 Bad ideas abound! Good to have you.

@tlgains Good to have you on board.

@raven78 Much appreciated dude. I meant to log that I did that fasted as well, haha. So much misery.

@jdm135 Oh hell yeah indeed.

Got in a 2 mile walk in the evening with the dog and kid. We’re supposed to get snow in the evening, so I may have a morning workout of snow shoveling followed by walking.


I’ve seldom lifted not fasted in the last 4 years I reckon. So to me ‘fasted’ reads as normal. Alas I’m not lifting in the same ballpark as your good self.

On the positive side, empty belly = minimal chance of a vom.

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This is gonna be great

Congrats on the 10k, here’s looking at another 10k.

I, too, try to be more trouble than I am worth, but usually just socially speaking.


In for the ride and to take inspiration for my own training

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Dangerous thinking right here.


I like the title. You’re a wordsmith besides having the drive of about 6 strong guys. I like you wanting “a big enough gas tank that the fight goes the distance.”

Already got the imposing part.

@raven78 Funny enough, my brain doesn’t think of those workouts as “lifting” but conditioning, and I’m operating on an approach of fasted conditioning and fed lifting right now. Even though, in truth, 100 front squats and 300 something burpees should ABSOLUTELY be considered lifting, haha. The power of solipsism.

@Dresden Glad to have you dude!

@Cyrrex Thanks man! Good to have you.

@aholding88 Take, modify, steal and create away dude! I always like seeing what we can all come up with.

@biker Much appreciated man. When my mind wanders, it comes up with some goodies.


AM WORKOUT (0341 natural wake up) Fasted

60 minute 80lb weighted vest walk

Protein shake

Daily work of
50 chins
50 dips
50 pull aparts
40 reverse hypers w/50lbs
30 GHRs
25 pushdowns
20 standing ab wheels
Neck harness
Neck curls

Notes: I actually work up at 0317 and hit the natural snooze alarm. A good sign that I’m actually WANTING more sleep. Since the snow didn’t fall, I took the opportunity to get in a walk. My left IT band has been bugging me the past few days: wondering if it’s the cold weather and pressure. Right arm pain is now squarely in the bicep.

Tang Soo Do later tonight. This class should be a bit more taxing, as it’s a younger crowd.


It’s more a poor imitation


@aholding88 Don’t sweat that dude: I have referred to myself as the Berry Colossal Crunch to Brian Alsruhe’s Captain Crunch, and all of us are but poor imitations of Milo of Croton or Heracles, haha.

Slept in until 0630 and started the day with fasted burpees over bar: 16 rounds at 20 seconds on/10 seconds off.

Tang Soo Do was solid. Because we’re going twice a week, these Friday classes are more focused vs the once a week one that was trying to cover everything all at once. This week was forms week (kata for you Japan type folks), and we did ours about a jillion times. I actually think part of my bicep pain may be from over-extending on these air punches. Caught myself a few times.


Progressive workout today. Getting parts and pieces knocked out.


Texas Power Bar touch and go deads

Poundstone curls

Notes: 90 seconds rest on the deads. Heavy but manageable. Rocking my Deep Water shirt and the Mrs hits me with “You are looking big”. Achievement unlocked. I got the bodyweight manipulation game down. Top strength still crummy, but rep strength high. Just like the bodybuilders said it would be…