Whats your #1 Axiom

Hey, T-Forum Junkies…Today I carved in stone my new #1 axiom:

Today was heavy leg day...The routine was brutal; it centered around Sumo-dead lifts and Front-squats. Moderate stiff-legged dead lifts and sissy squats plus a few lighter movements were also mixed in. The workout went awesome!...I made all of my lifts and still had a little gas left in my tank!...In the past, when things went this well, I would have returned to the gym the very next day and attempted to carry my sucess over to another set of body parts...And 10 minutes into the workout, I would have hit the wall hard!

(So-in accordance with my new #1 axiom-“TOMORROW, I SHALL REST!”)

My question is what axioms do you people hold most important?
I know we all could learn something from each other.

When going to the gym, check your ego at the door.

All Aggregates are Impermanent

In response to the heavy squats & deads. I usually take the day before a squat&dead day totally off to make sure that I’m totally recovered and ready to go. I find that moderate walking on a treadmill and stretching is better (for me) than taking the day after totally off. BTW - I’ll usually only do these two together in the same workout about once every third week

I did heavy deadlifts, which stress the hams and glutes more.
Then I followed them up with “Front Squats,” NOT back squats.
Front squats finish off my quads, while allowing me to use
40% less weight than back squats. This keeps me from becoming
totally wiped out.

As far as doing a little something the next day, well, today is
roller-blading day. They just repaved my block, and I’m about to
go out and terrorize the neighborhood!

Three rules exactly : 1. Life ain’t fair. Deal with it. 2. You’re not that fucking special. No one’s problem are that unique. Kind of an offshoot of been there done that.
3. Everyone’s full of shit. Everyone’s full of shit. Everyone has problems, everyone deals with them, so see rule # two if there are any questions. You’ll see these rules apply to most situations.