Whatever it Takes?

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good luck and I hope the wife gets a new job soon

$200/week is absurd, I agree with giving up the expensive pasture food. I say eat carbs! I don’t see people getting big without moderate carb intake. Potatoes and rice are super cheap and are great sources of carbs. Also to save money I would really cut back on the meat, I used to get much of my protein from a high quality whey/casein/egg blend that you can get for < $10 a pound easily. Homeade greek yogurt is great as well, $3 for a gallon can’t be beat.[/quote]
Please post how to and recipe for homemade Greek Yogurt![/quote]

Strangemeadow -
Here’s my DIY greek yogurt thread if you are interested.

JFitness - Normally, I don’t think we can live our lives according to what might happen, but in this case that’s exactly what you need to do. Assume that your wife might be out of work for a year. Make financial decisions accordingly. I’ve seen this in several friends and family members. They wait too long to start cutting back their expenses or finding a second job or whatever it takes to keep afloat.

On the relationship side, you want to send a message to your wife that “We’re a team and we’re in this together.” My brother experienced a slowdown in his work last year. It was worse for them, because his job accounts for 80-90% of family income. His wife STILL hasn’t slowed down her spending a bit. She either doesn’t know how, or is just unwilling to adjust things down. Seriously, the UPS truck arrives at their house nearly everyday. You’d think she’d be interested in reducing his stress. It’s a bad situation.