What You Do For a Living.

Just interested in how others in the T-Nation pay the bills. I’m a Respiratory Therapist 10 years in the field.

I am a personal trainer right now at my local YMCA. It is not much money, but I have the freedom to do basically whatever I want (any crazy exercise described in T-Nation included).

I am in grad. school to ultimately receive my DPT degree ( Doctor of Physical Therapy).

I don’t technically start it up until the spring, so I’m taking 4 graduate Biomechanics and Athletic Training classes for “fun”.

I’m the City Manager for a municipality with about 9,000 residents. I’ve been in the position for 1 year and 8 months. It can be very chaotic at times but thats what I like about it. The city I work for doesn’t have a very large budget so the money isn’t what it could be. However, I’m only 24 (will be 25 in October) and gaining valuable experience that should serve me well in the future.

I also plan on getting my MBA eventually.

Fulltime firefighter. Six years on the job.

second that…fulltime firefighter, but little over 3yrs.

steve.rt’s a snot wrangler!! :slight_smile:
I’m a medical technologist for 8 years now. Y’all got any lab-related questions, send 'em my way…

Firefighter, 5 years

Corporate lawyer – associate at a big law firm in DC.

I run a summer camp and environmental learning center for the YMCA.

Civil Engineer working at a consulting firm that serves mostly municipalities.

Computer Network Technician

Writer, Own Small Publishing Business, lecturer/speaker, father of five

[quote]BostonBarrister wrote:
Corporate lawyer – associate at a big law firm in DC.[/quote]

Who’d a thunk…;)… Me, electronics tech working for the military in Canada

I run a chocolate factory and I am the proud papa of two wonderful Oompa?Loompas.

Me Solomon Grundy

I’m the shipper reciever for a toy company out of Toronto; long hours at work has been cutting into my training time but I’m jugling it alright for now.

I design microprocessors.

That’s a conversation killer when a girl’s making small talk, I can tell you :slight_smile:


Erikeve - what type of civil are you???

I’m a structual engineer working for the state of michigan. Also, free-lance personal trainer.

professional student!!

Teach English at high school, private school and exam prep school in Japan. 5 years on the job.

For the moment, Communications and Recruiting Coordinator for a regional accounting firm.