What You Do For a Living.

Full-time student at UofT working towards BComm. This is my last year.

Did a lot of extra-curricular things over the last 2 years including being a part-time mortgage agent and running my own small business selling sporting goods. Right now I am a treasurer for the skiing & snowboarding club.

Hopefully I will get a junior associate position in one of the investment banks after I graduate.

I own a computer business. It’s hard to categorise, because we do a little of everything – all the way from system building up to custom software development and network engineering. Right now, our main client has us designing and building a large web-based application, which is distracting us from a lot of really cool things we wish we could pursue… but it pays the bills.

Environmental Engineer

I’m an accountant/consultant.

I load cargo planes for Fedex Express. Pushing 3 ton containers of freight uphill inside thirty year old DC-10’s is great GPP. I am also a full time student, and part time fisherman.


I am pursing a degree in Urban Planning at the U of Utah. Just forced into “retirement” from rugby due to herniated disc and stress fractures in L5. To pay the bills I work for a company selling motorized wheelchairs…stop laughing.

Commercial aerospace engineer. 16+ yeas now.

Was a personal trainer for 7 years. Now, I work as a health promoter in the public health sector in Canada of course.

Banker, specializing in infrastructure lending (power plants, gas pipelines, gas storage facilities, toll roads, etc.)

Aviation Insurance Broker

Also a senior at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY set to graduate Cum Laude in May with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Practiced law for about 7 years, got sick of it. Took some computer classes and wanted to get into computer programming. Really enjoyed it, and it was the best educational experience I ever had. But then the economy tanked so I was not able to find a job in IT. (Hey Darklock - can I get a job? :-)) Now I work as a legal editor at a major legal publishing company. It’s fairly interesting and low-stress.

grad student in math, champaign il

Clinic Assistant at Stanford University.

Motivational speaker and part-time ichthyologist.

Really, I’m a corporate credit risk analyst at a regional bank in Miami.

Emergency Room nurse for eight years. Husband, father of 3 daughters 2,4,6.


Emergency Nurse. Current night charge nurse for a few years. Coming up eight years in the ER. Fiance’ of _Iron.

Public Health Educator for a local Health Department in Michigan. It’s not my dream job but it’s great experience and I love the people I work with.

I think me and Morte’s job are probably pretty similar.

I’m a student in my last year at UCO; I’m majoring in English education with a minor in communication and religious studies.

I also work in a health food store and teach a self defense and safety awareness program for children and teens.

Pest control
I am licensed to kill.
1 and a 1/2 year
Drove semi-truck big rig the year before that and sold insurance for five years before that.
I like what I do now, think I will stay with it.

Regional Workplace Health Manager for a national corporate health company in Australia.