What would be a logical split for Booming Biceps part I and II

What would be a decent split with the hollywood microcycle and the back, shoulder and arm routine given in the booming biceps article. Should I do one program before the other or what. Any T-staff out there want to to give me some advice?

Email me and I’ll send you the split I put together. Just go to my web site and email me from there (www.atlantic.net/~nathan/weights.htm)

Nate, I’ve checked out your site, and your various posts on renegade/frunctional strength/BB training - I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. Is it an open forum to get your training split? If so can I mail you -I have cobbled togeather something similar; 4 w/outs a week. 1st & 3rd are Ian King Bring on the pain upper body workout’s, the 2nd is the deadlift focused ‘don alessi’ workout and the final workout is a posterior chain focused ‘renegade’ workout. My back is toast as we speak! Thanks, Dannyboy

Dannyboy, I have the split typed up in a Word document. So just email me, and I can send it to you. I’ve basically taken the workouts that were posted in the Booming Biceps articles and put them on a four-day split. I’m not using the program at this time, but I do have it ready to go in case I decide to use it or if someone else would like to see how I put it together.

Your little combo sounds good! You are gonna be fried! But it’s all good bro! :wink: