What Should My Next Pistol Be!?

Hitting the store this weekend to (finally) upgrade my Gen 2 Glock 17. Been doing a deep dive into possible options, here is my list of contenders.

Only ones I have shot are the two Sig’s (both for work) and then briefly handled a VP9 at work. All others are foreign to me, but come highly recommended.

I am definitely planning to throw a light and a red dot on any of these, so optic/rail capability does play a factor. Sticking with 9mm because it works and I don’t want all my stockpile to go to waste lol.

So, forum masses, let me know what you think! What would be your choice? Opinions on DA/SA vs a striker fired pistol? Options I left off the list that you think I should consider? Pistol light or optic recommendations? Would really appreciate any thoughts, photos, or other excuse for gun talk.

  • Sig Sauer P320x
  • Walther PDP
  • Sig Sauer P226
  • H&K VP-9
  • CZ P10
  • CZ P09
  • FN 509
  • FN FNX-9
  • Canik TP9SF

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The only ones on the list I have experience with are the CZp10, Walther and Canik. I love the CZ. Canik is a really good gun and a good value, but some people shy away from them because they’re made in Turkey blah blah blah. I wasn’t impressed with the Walther. It would only run consistently with premium ammo. The CZ and Canik would eat any cheap garbage I ran without a stoppage.

Everyone has their own preferences and opinions especially when it comes to guns. This is just my personal experience.

If you’re going to carry it, and it’s not just going to be a range toy, I agree with the late great Yeager.

First I’ve heard about the walther being finicky with ammo. Good to know, will have to consider that. Honestly, I have literally zero experience with Canik of CZ, though I’ve heard a ton of great things about both, so definitely wanting to get my hands on one now to see how they feel to me.

Generally share the same opinion on DA/SA vs striker. I learned how to shoot pistols on a Sig P226, then spent a lot of time carrying either a M9 or SIG P228 for work, so DA/SA was the name of the game. Think there’s probably a good reason the DOD moved away from that lol. I honestly always hated that first trigger pull, just don’t see the advantage. Though, I do think that they are cool lol. Impractical, but cool.

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Just picked up the H&K VP9l. Actually, my wife did. She loves it. Zero issues. Comes with different grip plates. She switched to the smaller option.

Walther: I like the brand and their legacy, but after owning two and experiencing problems with both, I think I’d avoid them for a while.


Huh. Not gonna lie, I was really leaning heavy towards the walther, but between both the above responses, I am starting to have some pretty big reservations. I think I will take a harder look at some other options

Edit: Fixing up some typos after too many beers at the bonfire


I voted P226 because I dig metal framed, hammer fired guns. DA/SA might be dead, but not for this guy haha. My P01 is my favorite handgun.

That said, Glocks live in the two nightstands beside our bed. No doubt it’s easier to just have one consistent trigger pull for every shot, and that weird grip angle is actually super natural for me and I shoot those things better than any other handgun for whatever reason. It’d be cool to have a Walther stlye pre-cock trigger like the PDP, Caniks, or VP9, but oh well.

I’d say snag which ever one you think feels the best and points the best. If you can rent them and pop off a few rounds even better.


Well, what’d ya get?!

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Recalled into work due to one of my sailors getting a DUI.

Sadly, new pistol postponed one more weekend. I promise, I will show off once i get it lol.

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Oof, never a fun scenario.

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No kidding, I just took over the billet like 2 weeks ago too. Not the best start.

Actually very happy to say first time I’ve had to deal with a DUI for one of my sailors. Dealt with it on my ship, but my actual guys never were the ones busted. A few barroom fights here and there and one dude busted for public intoxication, but I will take those anyway over someone blasted getting behind the wheel.

Hit the range today, spent a lot of time playing with the options I was asking about earlier.

Started off with the Walther PDP. Went in expecting to leave the store with that gun, but I found that I honestly just didn’t like it. I don’t have a good reason why I didn’t like it. It shot well, fantastic trigger, very good ergonomics. But I just didn’t love it, and combine that with the reliability issues mentioned above, decided to pass. Spent a little bit of time with the VP9, and honestly I loved that gun. Decided against it just because they only had it in a camo paint that I just wasn’t feeling lol. Shot the CZ p09, and was honestly pretty amazed. I liked that gun a lot more than I thought I would, went back to it a couple times debating whether or not that would be the one I’d take home. Don’t have a good reason for not getting it, because that gun is honestly pretty awesome. Great trigger, super low bore axis, great ergos, just a fantastic pistol. Similar could be said for the Canik, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I didn’t trust the gun, not enough time with the brand.

Ultimately, found a great deal on a sig. Used gun, has the Sig custom works fire control unit on the M17 platform. Trigger is sweet, gun is in great condition. The gun came with 2 21rd mags and 1 17 rd, plus a safari land holster, all for $650. Seemed like a good deal to me, and I actually ran into the guy who sold the gun to the store, great dude, was really excited that I was buying the gun lol.

P320 series does have a bit of a higher bore axis, little bit more vertical flip but didn’t really notice much kick when I was doing rapid fire. I have used these extensively at work, confident that they are dead reliable, which was honestly a big factor for me seeing that this is going to be a home defense pistol, not just a fun firearm. Pretty stoked about it, thanks for all the input from everyone


Nice! Great deal too.

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The Shadow Systems MR920 has been my favorite so far. They’re basically Glock 19 (Gen 4 form-factor), so they’re compatible with all things Glock which is helpful. The MR920 is a Glock with an upgraded trigger, slide serrations, and iron sights. I have about 1500 rounds through it so far (various ball ammo and Federal HST HP’s) and not a single stoppage. I carry this daily.

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My instructors sarcastically call those Gucci Glocks, but they all seen to own one! I’ve shot them a couple of times. Great guns.

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The “Gucci” label kills me. Reliable with good features = “Gucci”? LOL

Basically it was explained to me that Shadow System is a Glock with the upgrades one would normally do to a Glock and it’s cheaper to just buy the Shadow System.

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Yep, that about sums it up.

Then there’s this… :rofl:


Someone needs to do the Gucci finish to a Hi-Point.


I just laughed out loud for real. :smiley:

Although, apparently their PCC’s are pretty solid.


I think Gucci when I see someone with a $500 Glock with a $500 refinish/Lazer Stippled grip. When they spend as much on superficial stuff as they spent on the gun itself “that shit’s Gucci!”

Funny story, at work we went to a smoke investigation one time and found a lady burning stuff in a fire pit in her back yard. The whole neighborhood was smoky and smelled like burning plastic. The lady was pissed at her boy friend and was dumping his clothes in the firepit, some still wrapped in plastic from the dry cleaners.

The whole time she had the boyfriend on speaker phone, cussing at him, and when she threw a load of his clothes on the fire she yelled “That shit’s Gucci Motherfucker!” This was all very illegal, but we’re nice guys so we didn’t get her in trouble, we just made her stop.

So anyway, when ever we get some new gear at work that’s pretty nice we yell “That shit’s Gucci Motherfucker!”

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