what multivitamin do you guys take

EAS Multi-Blend

I wanna know what you guys think of something Paul Chek said at a lecture of his I went to a year ago in NYC. Although I don’t remember him comming right out and saying that multivitamins are inneffective, he did talk about how he believed (in this case vitamin A) that most multi’s had too much of vitamin A. And that in the amount the is consumed in a typical multi, your body would not know what to do with it. It is overkill, my words not his. If your body takes in a vitamin with 10,000 IU of A, your body is gonna think that you just “ate the entire carrot patch” (Chek 2002) and is not gonna know what to do with it all.


I do not doubt what you are stating. However, I have used the Twin Lab brand one per day on and off for years and never had such a problem.

I wonder what would cause this to occur in you and not in someone else?

right now just Vitamin Shoppe brand Multi. but i hear that the brand Super Spectrim is a great one…i’m going to try them next. They’ve been around since the 70’s and Dave Draper seems to like 'em:

“Their dedication to purity of ingredients, accuracy in balance and efficiency in nutrient absorption established hallmarks in the early days and stability today”


That doesn’t make any sense. Eat some liver and you’ll get a ton of vitamin A. Your body doesn’t freak from that. Eat some clams…you’ll get an assload of B12. Eat some oysters and get an assload of zinc. eat some brazil nuts and you get a crapload of selenium.

Point being, natural foods can have very high concentrations of vitamins, and we evolved on them. SYNTHETIC vitamins are a different story. I’m sure if you give your body a huge amount of synthetic vitamin A that it won’t know what to do with it, because all the things that naturally are found with it are missing, and your body has to work hard to use it.

Just a standard one that you can get at any RiteAid etc. Nothing fancy, just something that covers the basics.

Mike Mahler

hey morq, thanks for clearing that up for me. How does than now figure into the post? should we even be consuming multivitamin’s since they contain large amounts of synthetic vitamins without the enzymes to break them down?


In my opinion, no. But I’m sure most people on this board will call you an idiot if you say there’s a difference between natural and synthetic vitamins. I remember NeilG saying this a while back and people called him an idiot for it (one thing he was not stupid for saying, IMO).

There are vitamins that are totally natural, but Standard Process is the only one that comes to mind. There are buffered ones out there, but these are concentrated food pills :smiley:

Centrum is crap? What?

News to me…

Can you elaborate? Or, got a link?


I heard that from a couple of pharmacists. I don’t have any links or anything…just saying what they did. Sorry.

animal pak- Ithere is a diffrence when I dont take them:
The run down
selected ingredient profile
Mega-Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Complex
? Zinc
? Chromium
? Magnesium
? All The B Vitamins
? Copper
? Manganese
? Potassium
? Phosphorous
? Vitamins
? Vitamin C
? Vitamin E
? Selenium
? Folic Acid
Key Amino Acid Blend
? Arginine
? Leucine
? Valine
? Isoleucine
? Glutamine
? Methionine
? Lysine
? Histidine
? Threonine
? Phenylalanine
? Tyrosine
? Cysteine
Performance Optimizers
? L-Carnitine
? Pyridoxine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
? Coenzymes A & B
? Para-Aminobenzoic Acid
? Siberian Ginseng (Eleuthero)
? Oriental Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)
? Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid)
? IGF Colostrum
? Phosphatidylcholine
Joint & Bone Support
? Shark Cartilage
? Calcium
? Vitamin D
? Magnesium
EFA Complex
? Linoleic Acid
? Oleic Acid
Digestive Enzymes
? Papain
? Pepsin
? Pancreatin
? Micozyme

You don’t need enzymes with your multi in order to utilize them. NeilG was an idiot for saying so.

There’s some good multivitamin info in this week’s article called “Sports Nutrition Smackdown”.


It’s funny you say enzymes, because that’s not the issue.

Ever hear of “buffered” vitamin C?

There’s an enzyme question. I answered it.

And no, you don’t need buffered vitamin C either.

John Berardi told me he personally uses Centrum. If Centrum is such crap as everyone hear tends to agree on, then why is one of the most respected nutritionists on this site using it? I personally believe that our nutrition, in the form of the food that we eat(remember that old-school stuff, real food?) should be dialed-in, ie: a mixed variety of good foods. If that is taken care of, then your vitamin/mineral needs should be taken care of and you won’t need to waste your money on them and can use it on more useful things such as strippers!


No, you don’t need it, but it works better.

I agree that natural food is the first priortiy regarding nutrition. However, if you are going to at least attempt to combat some of the signs of wear and tear, or aging, then you need a complete nutrition schedule. One that includes the finest nutrients that you can afford.

I would hope that Centrum would not be on your list as it is extremely low in the key nutrients that it does provied. And is completely void of many.

For the last 5 years I have used Super Nutrition’s Opti-Pack with myself and my clients. It’s the most complete multi-vitamin/mineral I have ever encountered.
It definitely helps increase recovery rates and energy.
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