Starting TRT Over Soon

Good conclusion.

But she was half right in terms of weekly equivalent dose. Take the 300 /4 which gives you 75 mg per week of test ester.

Given we know nothing about you the responsible estimate for suggested starting dosage per week would be 75-100 mg/week of test ester. No, not a starting dose of 150 mg/week and no not a starting dose of 200 mg/week.

Nice job @cliteastwood!

For more info, see here and below:

Get your bloodwork done in the timing @cliteastwood shared and if you really want to be diligent check your peak and trough and dial in your protocol based on (1) symptom relief along with (2) prior knowledge of your (if applicable) eugonadal TT/fT range, and (3) constraining your TT/fT levels based on your risk tolerance understanding that the higher you go outside the male reference range the more risk you may be taking on in terms of long-term cardiovascular health.

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