What is everyone’s protein intake per body pound?

I’ve always taken 1 g of protein per body weight lb as a rule of thumb. I manipulate my carbs and fat depending on whether I’m bulking and cutting but my protein usually stays the same. I feel like 1g per body weight lb is the bare minimum. I’m curious, bodybuilders out there, what’s your protein intake like?

I’m curious if I could push my gains even further if I upped my protein intake.
I heard of this experiment among a group of women coached by an IFBB Bikini Pro who experienced more lean muscle gains and fat loss after doubling their protein, but not sure how reliable that is. I’m more interested in male bodybuilders’ protocol.



I’ve never seen a need to count, measure or track macros, but given my diet is only meat, eggs and animal products alongside Metabolic Drive, I imagine it’s a fair amount.

In fact, quick numbers, just in Metabolic Drive alone I’m getting in more than 1g per pound. I weighed 183lbs last week. I train fasted first thing in the morning, then take 2 scoops of MD, 3 hours later I’ll do another 2 scoops, on my “fasting” days (like today) I’ll do another 2 scoops 3 hours later, I’ll have 2 scoops before bed, and then a 1.5 scoop shake in the middle of the night.

Rounding up 2 scoops to 45g of protein, that’s about 210g of protein. And then I have a solid food meal on top of that.


I’ve been basing my protein off lean body mass. 240 at 30% has different protein needs than 240 at 10%. I stay at 1.25 protein per lb of lbm. Then manipulate carbs/fats around my goals. Usually fats at .3 and fill in the rest with carbs. Seems to be a good formula for me.


I end up around 1.25g/ lbs because that’s how I like to eat, but I don’t think I need to be that high.




Rough estimate puts me at maybe 120-150g at 165ish bodyweight. I firmly believe the 1g per lb is overkill and much of that will be metabolized.

I’d like to say better safe than sorry in regards to protein intake but that may unintentionally upregulate those pathways.

My counter 2 cents, hit the minimum and fill the rest with carbs


I weigh 235 (6’3 @14%) and my logs show about 280 g per day.

Interesting how the amount of excess lines up.

It’s worth again mentioning that the 210g is just in Metabolic Drive. With the final meal of the day tacked on, it’s going to be more than that, since i"m only eating meat, eggs and dairy.


1g/lb is baseline daily.

I’m enhanced, so I’m typically closer to 1.25-1.5g/lb as i can utilize more protein than our natty brethren. My understanding is that you’re enhanced as well, so id advise this for you too.

Keep your fats lower. Dietary fats arent as necessary for hormone production when your primary anabolic hormones are being injected.


Well no wonder you’re better looking than me.

I’m closer to you on this. I actually think there’s an absolute threshold as a human plus maybe a smaller variable based on lean mass.

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I weigh 200 and range between 240 and 295 depending on if I am gaining or not. so 1.2 to 14

same as you i am on 1lb per lb of bodyweight.I would think if your on this protein ratio for many years,your sleep plus training has maxed out?No harm increasing protein intake,but i would recommend increase your protein via real food instead of whey or protein bar.Prominent bodybuilder in my country was said to eat up to 20++ pcs of egg DAILY for many years,Hes a pro though haha

I probably only eat about 140-160g protein daily, sometimes less, and I’m about 180-185lb.
I have a high carbohydrate diet and remain lean year round.


This seems to be the ratio I naturally end up around unless I make a point to force more protein. Something like 0.75-1. So my personal minimum is approx my lean body weight in lbs in protein grams. This seems to work out.

When I have gone above 1 gm/lb I don’t really notice any difference personally. I have gone as high as 1.5 gm/lb and the only change I seen was in my wallet at the grocery store and my meals get really boring looking.


Yeah I think that’s what the current literature supports for natural trainees. To be fair, you can find studies to support pretty much anything but I’ve never noticed any significant difference from a higher proportion of protein, but in saying that I’ve never had weight loss as a goal.


150g is the target but I sometimes end up a little lower than that and it doesn’t bother me at all. From any data i’ve seen and my own experiences I simply don’t believe most naturals would need any more than that.

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I’m 175lbs and usually shoot for +/-200g per day. I usually try to raise it a bit if I’m cutting.

It’s more important to spread the protein out in 20-40 gram portions than the total.
I consume 180 grams of protein per day but it’s spread out over 6 meals from 7-8am to 10-11pm.

AFAIK this is outdated thinking. Anecdotally, you will find several members here that do just fine with only 1-3 meals a day (myself included). And scientifically, here’s the most recent relevant study: The anabolic response to protein ingestion during recovery from exercise has no upper limit in magnitude and duration in vivo in humans - PubMed