What is everyone’s protein intake per body pound?

lol “Using a comprehensive quadruple isotope tracer feeding-infusion approach”

I think you can def do fine with 3-4 meals per day but if your eating a lot of food and diet is clean it becomes very hard to consume all required cals in 3 meals. 3500cals of chicken and rice would be very difficult on the digestive system in only 3 meals,

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I’m around 210 these days, and my protein ranges probably from 180 to 240 grams per day.

I have one or two meal meals a day, along with workout nutrition, Metabolic Drive shakes, and Mag-10 pulses.


This is proven to be false in recent studies.

Like the one you dismissed here

We don’t know the true protein over time curve, but we do know that as long as you’re getting your protein in daily - it does not really matter the timing in which you do it.

*plenty of coaches advise more meals throughout the day, with protein being in them - but that is typically for purposes not directly related to protein intake and protein synthesis rates.

I missed something. Why is this funny?

While deployed thanks to powders and bars, I’m (very roughly) siting around 350-400g per day.

At home I shoot for 400g a day.


Let me get this straight. So you’re saying that consuming 180 grams of P at 8am is as effective as 180g of P over a 12 hour period?

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Is that method of consumption how you or any normal person consumes protein?

I’m saying this is exactly what the study is suggesting.

The study you didn’t read.

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I found the full link to that study, if you wanted to peruse.


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Cool. I just took 180g at once and can already see the difference. Thanks.

I aim for 1g per pound of lean mass.

And typically divide macros across 4 meals.

I don’t monitor precisely, but I’m somewhere around 150 - 200 g most days at 170 lb bodyweight. I have somewhere between 50 - 60g per meal. I get about 50-60g of these from protein powder (whey / casein from ProMix) and the rest from whole foods.

Why even comment at all if the only value you’re gonna add is negative? Bring that shit somewhere else.

I aim for about .8 to 1.0 grams per pounds. I’m about 205 so for me that is 50-60 grams spread over three meals per day. The rest comes from my daily collagen intake, snacks that have small amounts of protein (e.g. nuts) and workout nutrition.

I have a buddy who tried to tell me that there are benefits to going up to 1.6 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight even when eating at or above maintenance. All the evidence I’ve seen says there’s no need to go over 1 gram per pound unless dieting. I think he probably just messed the units up and confused pounds with kilos.

Also, wasn’t T-Nation going to do an article on protein needs for the older lifter? Maybe I missed that.

I think lean body mass is the benchmark that should be used.
Two people could be the same weight but LBM could be very different so their protien needs will be different.


So… I’m still not seeing the humor. IDK if I’m being dense or you’re toying with me :man_shrugging: Either way, I meant no disrespect in offering a counter opinion to your original post, and wasn’t trying to be combative. I’m happy you found it amusing at least.

I think the point is there is no difference.


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