What is Creatine Monohydrate made from?

Is it synthetic or made from animal sources?

If I’m not mistaken creatine naturally occurs in red meat. So if you eat a lot of red meat then you may notice no benefit from a creatine supplement as you’re already benefiting from the real source. Or if you only eat moderate red meat you can probably do a loading phase of creatine and then just eat red meat from then on to keep it loaded.

alot of the creatine in red meat cooks out.

If I remember correctly your a vegetarian and
there’s no need to worry it’s synthetic.

thanks Mike that is what I thought. I am having a discussion with Matt Furey and Bud Jeffries about the safety of creatine and Bud asked me why I take creatine if I am a vegetarian. I always thought it was synthetic. thanks for the confirmation. Furey and jeffries think that supplements are a waste of time and that creatine is dangerous. I definitley disagree on both accounts. Although, as most of us know, most supplements are a waste of time.