What factor is most important for Hypertrophy

Some of the recent discussions have made me consider what is the most important factor for hypertrophy (both sacromeric and sacroplasmic). Is it the force generated (which would mean lifting with near maximal loads)? Is it the power generated (which would mean explosive lifting with 50-60% of 1 RM – a la WSB)? Is it total work performed (force x distance)? Is it based instead on exhaustion of the phosphate and glycolic energery systems (which implies the time-under-tension method)? Is it exhausting as many FT fibers as possible (which implies use of training to failure)? What about repeated effort method? What about the eccentric method? Obviouly all of these methods can be used at various times for hypertrophy and in a well-rounded training program all will be used at one time or another. I have my thoughts as to which of these factors is most effective for both types of hypertrophy, but I would like to here what others think.

Anyone? Anyone? I suppose I should have started a post about motorcycles or something… ah well…

Personally speaking (typing?), I would consider volume and amount of workload as the primary inducers of hypertrophy FOR ME. I’ve also gotten some good results with momentary effort (so called “high intensity”) but nothing compares to cycling my volume up and down to elicit gains. Like Tim Patterson, I tend to keep my reps low ( ala Tsatsouline) to around 5 with heavy weight, so I’m getting strength and size at about the same time. Just yesterday I put up 245 for a set of 5 on bench, when I started training this way in Jan. I could barely bench 195 for 6. Not bad progress!

generally you dont gain a lot of size with sacromeric hypertrophy, infact you can get sacromeric hypertrophy without having any noticable size increase. Go Heavy (what does it mean to you?) and try for a pump. No one really knows what induces hypertrophy yet.

There isn’t anyone that can claim to know. If so, they’re bullshitting. There are so many theories and models out there.

Sacroplasmic=more volume, less rest
Sacromere=heavier loads, longer rest
So if your looking for both, start with a couple heavy sets of 5 or less reps, using 3-5 minute rest periods. Than go lighter, but stay at 5 reps. Now knockout a set every 30 seconds until form begins to get shabby.

Aaron in how long? it is not brain surgery, just lift heavy 6-12 reps and give your body lots of food and rest! I don’t know why everyone acts like its so hard to figure out

Heytey: That was a 50 lb increase in about 6 months. That’s what I’m considering good progress. Where the hell are you going with the tangent about eating and resting? If I increase my bench by 50 lbs in 6 mo., doesn’t that presuppose I know what the hell is going on?