What Equipment is Allowed at a Raw Meet?

Yeah I proceeded with an order up to the shipping part and noticed that the shipping is more than the belt.


Thank you for ringing and checking however.

Seems I may have to find another option.

Bpsports has the 13mm lever belt for �??�?�£105. Thats $165. Inzer website has them for $89(ish)

Wrong side of the pond it looks.

Anyone want to buy one and ship it over (if it would be cheaper) lol

Any other recommendations on belts?


Don’t worry about just finding Inzer. I use the Toro belt from Titan. It’s fine. The main brand names are Inzer, Metal and Titan.

Here’s the Metal Europe site.


Alternatively you could contact a local powerlifting gym and someone there will have contact information. Or PM some of the UK/European lifters on here.

PS - Prices are (almost) always lower in the US.