What do you eat on a daily basis?

I know it depends on the training cycle you are on, how much juice you take or lack thereof, if your girlfriend gave it up last night…Blah, Blah, Blah. I think too many guys out there are really confused. I think training is simple. You pick one of the many programs available by CP, King, TC, etc. Do a program for 3-4 four weeks, or to make it simple, change to a new program every month. Simple. But, diet is where most people lack.

I would like to hear specifics on what some of you eat. Its probably no surprise when you sit down and do the numbers, why the prohormones you take aren’t working. Anyway, here is my basic diet. You can add more carb calories per post workout or am/pm to make into a mass cycle.

Wake up at 6:30 am, have 20g glutamine in 20oz of water or 10 grams of glutamine and 20 grams of whey in 20oz of water = 120 cal. One large cup of coffee. 7:00 dump and shower. 7:15-8:15 have sex with my girlfriend (yep, every morning, have my fun cardio, work up a sweat and get to watch, its no fun doing it in the dark. My girlfriend is too hot) 8:00-8:15 shower. 8:30 1/2 cup oatmeal nuked in water sweetened with sucralose and one piece of whole grain bread with 1tsp smart balance butter = 9p 40c 10f 6 fiber = 286 ca. or two slices of whole grain bread with two egg whites per slice, tsp butter, sucralose = 20p 26c 8f 4 fiber = 256 ca. 11:00 3 scoops Grow, 3 cups water, 1TB Udo’s, 1 TB whole flax seed put in blender on high to grind up flax = 40p 23c 23f 5 fiber = 459 ca. 1:15 one scoop power drive and two MD6. 2:00 workout 3:45 50g whey 50g maltodextrin 20g Glutamine = 480 ca. 4:45 50g whey, 50g maltodextrin = 400 ca. 7:15 one chicken breast or 4-6oz. sirloin, one cup chopped mushroom, one cup chopped celery, 1TB olive/canola, 1tsp chopped garlic,salt,pepper, stir-fry then add 1/4 cup white wine, simmer. Put in bowl and add a sprinkle of goat cheese. Glass of wine. one piece of my homemade bread (flax, whole grain, oat bran) = 33p 42c 21f 5 fiber = 773 (due to alcoholic calories, without would be around 550). 10:00 20g glutamine in 20oz water or 11:00 10g glutamine and 20 grams whey in 20oz water. 3 ZMA taken at 10:00. Total for day is 273p 191c 52f 14 fiber = 2608 calories = 40% protein, 30% carbs and 30% fat.

I keep it simple. I don’t like to be too full for bed or too full to miss meals. I don’t get too anal. Yes, I drink wine, so what. I enjoy life also. I just thought it would be interesting reading for the guys who have no idea how much, or what to eat.

Actually drinking a glass of wine a day can actually be beneficial and good for you. Just be sure it’s red wine.

I bet you guys saw these two names and said, “oh no, there at it again”…LOL. Sorry to disappoint you, its all warm and fuzzy this time. Disco, thanks for the comment about wine. Yeah, I do drink red wine and I think it has health benefits. But, I have been told that I can get the same health benefits from grape juice and/or grape seed extract. Yeah, but its not as much fun. Gotta have some fun. Oh, and for those of you who looked at my menu and said what the heck is whole grain bread, egg whites, butter and sucralose? Sorry. Its french toast, with butter and sucralose on top.

I got one question bro: Do you have a job?
Damn, if I had time to eat like that (or even time to read it all) I’d probably weigh 230 at 5’6".

Dude, nice outline but I think you’re making it more complicated than it has to be. I’m wondering what your goals are now with this diet. I’m in the camp that says you should be either cutting or bulking… there is no imbetween, unless you’re convinced you don’t want to make any more progress. Of course this is only my opinion.
Cutting cycles should be spent in some kind of ketogenic diet, be it t-dawg or anabolic or whatever… Keep a log of your calories and macronutrients, but allow for some variation day to day. Honestly, + or - 100 calories isn’t going to make that much of a difference.
Bulking cycles really don’t need to be as complicated or meticulous. Just eat six big meals a day, try to get a lot of omega 3s, and shy away from high glycemic carbs except for post workout. Stuff your face and you’ll be fine.

One thing is missing–you didn’t tell us the effects of your diet. Are you losing weight? Or gaining muscle well?

CR, yes I have a job, I am a personal trainer. I base my meals aroud my clients and vise-versa. I used to bust my ass and work all day training clients, miss meals and miss training. Now that I am 40 and well established, I make sure I have time for me. With the training, I massage on a limited basis, writing out programs, etc. I still work 8 hours a day, just not your normal 8-5.

Doug, I tried the ketogenic diets several times and I don’t do well on them. I lose strength, motivation and my breath is horrible. I can lose bodyfat another way, even if it is not as fast as your route. Dan Duchaine even said that your breath will stink, to take mints all day, but it still won’t help much. If it works for you great, I just don’t want a ripped body where no female will want to get near. As far as mass or cutting. I explained the mass, just add more carbs post-workout (ex. add 25-50 grams more maltodextrin per drink). As for cutting just make the second drink protein only and cut the bread and wine from dinner. I don’t think this diet is too complicated. In fact, just the opposite. If I want to cut or add mass, I just make adjustments to my base. Making too many adjustments or changes in diet leads to stomach disturbance which can also lead to missed meals. I am glad it works for you. It doesn’t work for everyone. If it did for me, I’m sure I’d use it.

Bodz, I had some problems initially with my breath too, but I didn’t have as many problems when I included a big salad every day (t-dawg style) and an apple post-workout. You can certainly lose fat on other diets too.
However, my point remains the same. In my opinion, your diet strategy isn’t extreme enough. Not that it won’t work for bodyfat loss or mass gains, but it simply won’t work as well as taking either phase to the extreme. If you’re just looking to maintain what you have, (which you may very well be given that it sounds like you’ve been training a long time), then a maintenance program is fine. If however, you’re looking to get bigger and more ripped as fast as possible, it’s important to specialize in your goals. This usually ends up meaning eating about 22-23 times your bodyweight during bulking, and 12-13 times your bodyweight during cutting.

I am biased towards ketogenic diets for cutting because unlike you, I haven’t lost any real muscle mass or strength while using them, and my calories have been consistently 1000 below maintenance.
So I guess my point to you is that you’re diet is great in that you keep track of what you eat and have a nice ratio going, but it might be a bit too picky (adding in sucralose to everything instead of just a little sugar, measuring out your salt and pepper, no egg yolks, etc… that type of shit can drive some people nuts) In addition, you need to specialize much more. Admittedly, it might not be possibly to take your calories much lower without losing a lot of muscle mass, unless you use a ketogenic diet.

Akicita, I am gaining muscle, which is speeding up my metabolism, which in turn causes me to lose fat. If that makes sense.

People, I know this looks confusing, because it is all shoved together, and I gave you specifics of my day. It is a good template to figure out your day. For example, I am up at 6:30, that means it’s time to eat. Eat when you get up and what makes you feel good. I eat again at 8:30 because I need solids now. If you are at work, switch meals. I eat again at 11:00, because I workout better if I am really empty at 2:00. If you work, eat lunch at 11-12, a drink or a solid meal. At 3:45, I have two drinks within an hour of each other. If you workout later, have a drink at 2-3 or another solid meal. At 7:15 I eat dinner, If you workout late, have your two protein drinks then or one protein drink and dinner an hour later. I have a protein drink before bed, you should too.

Oh, and for those of you who think that they don’t have time to eat like this. I get this all the time from clients. Let’s see, Meal one=5 minutes to make and drink. Meal two=15 minutes to make and eat. Meal three=15 minutes to make and drink(its bigger). Meal four and five=5-10 minutes each to make and drink. Meal six= 5-10 minutes to make 30-45 minutes to eat, drink, relax and enjoy. Meal seven=5 minutes to make and drink.

And a big thank you to Cy Wilson and Lonnie Lowrey. Cy helped make some adjustments in my diet (heck, even a 40 year old can still learn some things from a 19 year old) and his information with Lonnie in the protein roundtable #119 helped. I added another protein drink post-workout. I tried the casein/whey, but it is too bulky for my system. I do better on whey, so I add glutamine. I do have a Grow shake during the day though, and sometimes will make my morning shake casein/whey.

I am a student so I have some time but I also work so my diet could be a lot better but here it is .
7:30 2 servings of oatmeal 4-5 eggs 1 yolk
10:00 MRP with cranberry juice ( it tastes so much better)
12:00 2 cans of tuna
4:00 2cans of tuna and serving of oatmeal pre workout.
post workout mrp with cranberry and glutime only 10 grams
dinner 7:00 chicken or steak and two vegi’s
later maybe an other piece of chicken but not always.

What do you think? I know that there are some gaps but I try.

Nice to hear that somebody else has had problems with ketogenic diets. I’ve tried the ketogenic approach several times with horrible results. Not only did I lose strength/energy, but my body seemed to deflate and flatten out.

tj, the only gaps I see are maybe missing some essential fats in your tuna only meal at 12. You could add some udos, olive or flax. Your MRP with glutamine post workout…I would say, have whey instead and of course your glutamine. This eliminates the fat and casein in your MRP which slows absorption. You want fast absorption. Other than that, looks fine. Your doing good for the schedule you keep.

Ok Here it is. I am self employed so sometimes meals are hard to do. First thing in the morning I have 8 eggs(3 whole,5whites) coffee and cottage cheese with flax oil. I skip between breakfast and lunch, Lunch sometimes whey with water and olive oil with flax oil. sometimes two cans of tuna. Snack is another whey concoction, supper is fish or chicken sometimes just tuna depends on the time (I have a family that I take care of). After workout I don’t usually consume anything unless I workout really late then I have my last ont of the day which is cottage cheese and whey with water. I consume a lot of whey with water if you haven’t noticed. I need to cut back on the carbs drasticly because it seems after a certain age they stay in the form of fat to easy. I am sure this will be picked apart and that is why I am responding I do not know a great deal about diet.

Not this 40/30/30 crap. Listen a diet like this can be catabolic and build up fat easily, here’s why’; By eating 40% carbs you get plenty of insulin to push that 30% fat into your fat cells. GH might be at OK levels and have a good conversion to IGF-1, and T levels might be good since your getting adequate amounts of fat but since your only eating 40% carbs your glycogen is easilly depleted. Muscle and protein will be the next source your body taps for energy since protein can be converted to glucose and fat can’t and you’ve killed off the whole enzymatic pathway by wich fat is burned so you waste a lot of protein for energy. The supplement companies want you to use the 40/30/30 diet because they can sell you so many supplements when you’re on it. The only 2 reasons the high carb/low-fat diet was sold to the American people is because some guy who was dying of heart disease decided to put himself on a PURE VEGETABLE DIET and ate like a rabbit the rest of his life. The other reason is because a high carb diet is very fattening. Farmers feed their lve stock high amounts of carbs prior to slaughter to fatten them up. That’s basically what’s happening to us in the US. The FDA is feeding us this high carb diet wich has been proven by rabbit boy to lower bodyfat, lower cholesterol, increase energy, stop pollution, and keep the Earth from blowing up. What’s actually going on is they’re feeding us the 6-10 portions of breads, cereals, and pastas a day to fatten us up so doctors can prescribe us expensive “miracle” medications, and perform costly surgeries. Switch to Mauro DiPasquel’s Anabolic diet, it’s the ultimate diet for bodybuilders and powerlifters by a world class powerlifter.

All I know is, if I ate like you guys I would be fat as hell!!! For some reason my body is fucked up. I go on a modified bodyopus to cut and just eat regular to bulk up.For gaining muscle I eat 2000 calories MAX! And I am not a small person! I’m 6’ 190 now with a 32" waist right now on a bulking cycle. I have consistently gained muscle and my bf right now is 12% when i’m in summer shape i get down to about 175@ 6-7%bf. I have been like this though since I was 14, i absolutely cannot take in a lot of calories no matter what I am doing. Also, if it weren’t for bodyopus I would be ONE FAT FUCKER! Until 4 years ago I was the type with the huge arms, big legs, and a big ol’ gut with a nice set of tits thrown in thinking i was huge, what an asshole i was.

James, good post. You explained what works for you.

Michael, jeesh, are all you guys on the anabolic diet, with the exception of James, this militant. Get a life. That diet doesn’t work for everybody. But you militant anabolic cheese heads, think it does. And damn it, if it doesn’t, do it anyway. Because we said so. Calm down, have fun. Life is too short.

“Zone” diets put you at risk of glycogen depletion and shuttle dietary fat into storage??? Whatever. I eat either isocaloric, zone or 50-25-25 depending on what I’m training for in any particular month and have never had probs with bodyfat or substrate availability. I haven’t tried a keto/anabolic diet (I race a type of sprint bikes, so it wouldn’t be conducive to performance) but have had no probs cutting on a zone diet, as have several of my clients. Plus, it’s a lot easier to have a life in the real world when you can have some carbs.

I try to keep my diet as simple as possible. I’ve found that if I try a diet that requires a lot of prep or planning my chances of success are slim. I don’t have the luxury of having too much time on my hands, so minimal cooking and prep time are big factors in my diet. I also have a high tolerance for the same menu over and over again, day after day. My guiding principles are: 6 meals/day, protein and low glycemic index carbs at each meal and a lot of my fats via fish oil caps. I also have a cheat day once per week.

Anyway, it works for me… Stats: 30 years old, 5’10", I’ve gone from 20% BF at 220 to 8% at 195 have gained about 5 pounds of LBM in the process over the last seven months. Now that I’ve reached a decent level of BF I’ve increased my portion sizes in an attempt to put on some more LBM.

I don’t count calories, macros or write down what I eat – GASP!

Here’s what it looks like on a daily basis:
5:30 am Ribose C and MD6

6 - 7 am Lift

7:15 am Ribose C
Fish Oil Capsules
4 egg whites and 1/2 cup of oatmeal
or MRP

9:45 am 1 cup sugar-free/fat-free Yogurt and 1 cup low fat cottage cheese.

12:00 pm Chicken over wheat pasta with Veggies

3:00 pm Protein bar

5:30 pm Steak and Potato

Fish Oil Capsules
Glass of red wine 2 or 3 nights/wk

8:00 pm MRP

I’m sure the T-Dawg and Anabolic Diets work, but I tried to start the T-Dawg about two weeks ago and and felt like I was catching the flu – no energy, couldn’t wake up, pissy attitude, etc. Anyone else have a similar experience starting a low-carb diet?

Everything I write are my opinions. I’ve been on every type of diet out there and the Anabolic Diet worked for me. I don’t know about all of you but I read and research all I can to find out how to put a little more muscle on a little bit quicker. And if you feel crappy on a keto diet, take in 30mg of potassium 3 times a day.

Bodz, what’s your deal man? We’re giving our suggestions… that’s all. The ketogenic diets work well for me and most people I know. That somehow makes us militant people who don’t have lives? You’re the guy who takes out all the egg yolks, adds sucralose to everything, eats homemade bread, measures out his oatmeal and celery servings. You need to get yourself a life pal. My initial problem with your diet was that it was too anal. Have you addressed anything I’ve said other than “ketogenic diets don’t work for me, and everybody who uses them are militant losers?” That’s great dude… good argument.