What do you bench?

I was reading some of the posts on here and i got to thinking, how big and strong are some of the people posting on here and also how old is everyone.This is just something i was wondering. I myself am 18 years old weigh in at 230lbs standing at 6’0 tall about 10 percent bodyfat. my max bench is 330 and my max squat is 550 never touched steroids or any other enhancements just protien and food. anyone else i would love to know what your stats are.

I’m also 18 but weigh 168lbs @ 7% body fat (just finished dieting) My max bench press is 325lbs and I can squat 495lbs 1x.

hey eddie… im exactly like you but 17… and 6’2… we are almost identical

would you happen to have a picture?

my max benchis about315 at 165lbs im 5’9 and 17

Actually i am 17 but ill be 18 July 1st. and no i dont have ne pictures.

i just turned 17

When I was 18 I weighed 220 at 5’10" and had a 34 inch waist. Max squat was 495, bench 315, and powerclean was 285. I didn’t do deadlifts as our strength coach at school didn’t care for them.

I am 17/m all natural 5’9 165-170lbs(it varies) with a 290 bench and 395 squat(no bench shirt or squat suit). Haven’t been training real heavy in squat because of flexability issues with kicking feild goals.

im 19 and a powerlifter i weigh 260@ about 16%
and my max bench is 450 with a single poly shirt 425 raw and my max squat is 650 raw and my deads a terriable 550. im 6’2

Damn Grant whatr kind of traing/eating and supplements do u take?

My favorite bench press technique is go to a forum and make something up. I’m 12 yrs old, weigh 65lbs, -10%bf. I do my GVT-10x10- on bench press and use a double-decker bus.


hey natey… no shit… i mean cmon

I’m 14 years old and will be a fresman in high school in the fall and will be playing football. College scouts have already been contacting me. I’m 5’5’’ 240 lbs., 3% bodyfat. Bench= 575, Deadlift= 860. Squat=990, I just missed 1000 last week, I am pissed!!) I’m also the fastest guy on the team. Coach made us run 330’s after practice last week and I beat everyone…of course!

I am also Natey’s training partner. After our workouts we go and push the double-decker bus aroung the block a few times. It’s agreat finisher.

I’m not really concerned with what other people can lift. All I care about, especially since I basically took the school year off to work on getting into my honours program, is that every lift is going up steadily which they are. With this being the internet and all, somebody can say anything and not have to back it up at all. Notice that the oldest person who responded was 19? Oh yeah, and my real max bench is only a big pickup truck (about 4000lbs right?) I made up that stuff about benching a bus.

I’ve never heard such lies in all my life. I’m 18 yrs old, i’m 230lbs at 10% bodyfat, and have never done steroids in my life. i mean comone guys. This dude that said this, is so full of it, it makes me sick. If you can’t post the truth, then please don’t post at all.

Natey, I think I got you beat. Right now, I’m six years old, 3’4", 38 lbs, and I don’t complete ANY traditional lifts. For lower body I do “truck lifts”. Just grab the rear bumper and lift. Start small, like an old Chevy LUV, and work your way up to a flatbed. For upper body, I do “post pulls”. Without using your legs, grab a standard fencepost and rip it out of the ground (form is IMPORTANT-NO LEGS!) I prefer the caber toss for a complete body lift, and for a finisher I wrestle 'gators. When I’m seven I plan on getting serious about my diet, but for right now I’ll stick to pudding pops and kool-aid. Ahh, breakfast of champions!

hey conan.i belive eddie… he is just like me except im 17… and i have a little more bodyfat than he does… and i can just squat 500 not 550… i believe it especially if he is a football player like myself… the other guy on the other hand i dunno about… but there are people that can do it that are around my age

Ok assholes i was just curious, and conan it is true ok maybe im about 12 percent now and no i have never used steroids. whats so hard to believe.