What about Equipoise/Boldenone?

I’ve heard a lot from our steroid gurus out there about anadrol, dbol, primo, test, deca, winny, anavar, trenbolone, and anti-estros (clomid, nolvadex, arimidex). But there are a few that we really haven’t heard much about. So I’ll go ahead and ask. What do you guys think of Equipoise/Boldenone? How bout Halotestin/Stenox? And what the hell is Masteron anyway?

Each of these actually will turn up quite a few hits on the search engine.

Equipoise is generally considered to be “like
Deca” except without the effect Deca can have at higher doses of reducing libido. I personally don’t have experience with it, don’t wind up advising it for cycles, and don’t have much reports on it either. Probably due to my not recommending it. Main reason I don’t is
that Primo does everything it does but with
no aromatization issues, much less inhibition, shorter half life, no risk of gyno (not that Equipoise is all that bad for it but it can contribute) and also because Equipoise is sold at very low mg/mL so is inconvenient, and
is at best a veterinary quality product, and at worst trash… there’s been a lot of bad EQ sold.

Halotestin is a nasty drug which in my opinion
might as well be forgotten about. It is not a better choice for mass gains.

Masteron probably doesn’t exist anymore except
for copies, and is 17b-hydroxy-1-methyl-5alpha-androstan-3-one. It does not aromatize and is probably a nice choice for a Class I steroid but still doesn’t do anything Primo (or trenbolone) don’t do,
and was so expensive even when available that
I never heard of anyone using it as the main
anabolic in a cycle.

So basically there’s good reason why there’s not that much talk about these, though there’s been some… none of them could be called
optimal choices.