Westside Methods

Hey guys, heres my problem. I wanna start doing a westside type program but i dont have access to bands, chain, glute ham raise, or reverse hyper. How do i get around these problems and still do justice to the program? and thoughts?

the original program was done without bands or chains. you can still make gains. but the bands are cheap. 20 bucks for the bands for speed benching and about 50 bucks for the bands for dynamic squat. chains are a little more. i don’t use a reverse hyper and you can do glute ham raises using other equipment.

On their site under articles there is a 9 week basic program that doesn’t use chains or bands, Dave Tate still uses that as an introductory program.

Pete I love your site. Id like to hear more about the way you train. I think you said before that you use a modified westside program. what does that entail? Im really interested in powerlifting. I would rather be strong than really big even though i have a good bit of size now.

west side preaches good mornings 70% of the time, squats off boxes 20% of the time, and deadlifts 10% of the time. we do good mornings, squats, and deadlifts each 33% of the time. we also do full squats with no box and use equipment frequently. also we bench with bench shirts at least once a month. i don’t do all the extra workouts. i’ve done some and don’t know if thy made any difference for me. i will try them again in january and see what happens. kevin still thinks he is a bodbuilder so we do biceps twice a week and calves twice a week. i think that will change. west siders do biceps maybe once a year. i post almost all my workout my web forum. check them out. so does big paul and others occasionally.

Thanks pete

Hey Pete,
Sounds like you have some good ideas on powerlifting using a modified westside style. How do you fit calves and bi’s into your workouts, and where can I check out your sit. Thanks, Tito.

i do about 3 sets of biceps at the end of each upper body workout and 2-3 sets of calves at the end of the lower body workouts. usually superset them with abs or some other exercise. always different exercises and loading parameters. the site is www.michiganpowerlifters.com