Weighty Matters

Has anyone got any ideas on losing a few pounds. I have a few stubborn pounds left. I am to old for the starvation diet (and I know the effects). What is the general consensus - Up Protien intake or Carb intake? I am interested in your ideas. The weight I wish to lose is 4kg (approx 9lbs)

Read “The Diet Manifesto” article at T-mag. Just do a search over there (not here) using their search engine. “Don’t Diet” is great too by John Berardi.

What I did was brutal, but effective. did cycle of 5 reps of deadlift, dip and row on one day and stiff dead, chin, push press on the other. Aimed for 10 sets of this. I had luck for 2 weeks of this, Sat and Sunday off, 12 lbs off, ate frequent but reduced calories. May do it again soon.