Weight Selection For Starr

I’m a little confused regards choosing weight for some exercises in one of Bill’s programmes. I understand that
5X5 means ramping the weight for a top effort of five reps. However, on the day of the heavy triple the rep pattern looks like this: 3X5, 3X3 followed by 1X8. Are the top sets 5RM, 3RM and 8RM respectively?

Also if an assisstance exercise calls for 4X8 is tha weight being ramped for a top set or is the same weight used for all four sets?
I’ve not had much luck googling the web or T-Nation.

Go to the Madcow’s site(Google ‘Madcow Bill Starr’) and download the sample program in excel format. Input your RM’s and you can see all the weights to lift for the next 9 weeks.