Weight gain problem?

I’ve been on a mass cycle since the 1st of December. I originally planned on bulking from 180# to 195# then start cutting but its not working the way I’d hoped. I’ve been lifting heavy, allowing for recovery, no cardio, no stimulants, and trying to eat everything I can stomach. I’m taking in 200-300g protein/day and 3000-3500+ cals/day. I eat pretty clean (eggs, milk, chicken, tuna, beef, rice, veggies, whey, etc.) and I’ve added EAS MRP’s (spiked with additional 20g whey) 1-2/day. I supp with vitamins and Tribex (3/day). Also on my second Nandro/Andro cycle (40/30 sprays x2/day). I seem to be making progess (lift more, look a little bigger & leaner) but damn body weight won’t come up anymore (stuck at 187#). Its pissing me off. I’ve actually puked several times from overeating and I’m really sick of crapping 4 times a day. Now I should have baselined my bodyfat and monitored changes but I didn’t and I find it hard to believe that my diet and routine are so perfectly balanced as to be adding lbm at the same rate as fat loss. Any ideas on this?

You didn’t mention how long you’ve been on this. Consider this, you need to shock your body, seriously. Stop eating “lean” for a month. Eat about 7000 calories a day. I promise your weight will go up. You have to keep going to the gym and lift hard. The weight you will gain won’t be all muscle off course but part of it will. You will be adding muscle mass, that is completely sure. So don’t worry about fat, don’t eat so much at one time just eating as many times as you can… up to nine times a day if you have to. It’s pointless for you to puke it out. The other possibility is that your body has become a bit protein destroying machine. If you’ve eating tons of proteins (far more than you need). Your body will not even utilize the protein, it will just immidiately break it down and you’ll piss it out. This is a crude description of the process but you get the point. In this case, you should go on a low protein diet. The problem here is that you’ll lose weight, which is not what you wanted to do.You’ll probably know yourself better which one would be better.

I’ve had exactly your problem before. Switch around your routine regarding exercise. I now train more instinctively. I pushed past my weight sticking point by downing 3 litres of milk / day plus 70 ml of flax oil plus roast pork/beef. Throw in some eggs and eat more often. You really have to push it. Convince yourself that your winning. Put up with the shitting thing-thats life. Try and aim for a higher weight by a few pounds before you go to bed every night and see how many you still have by morning. I did this and put on 10 pounds of muscle and around 3 pounds of fat. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the replies. I think I’m going to switch to a cutting phase (Fat Fast) early; as soon as my flaxseed oil arrives. I’ll try to bulk again in a few weeks. Need to rexamine what I’m doing with my routine and diet and get more control. Maybe keep a log this time.

I don’t want to sound like a dick, but why bother cutting now after only a 7 pound gain. I would just keep trying to pack it on. Are you eating huge right before bed? It can be difficult to get used to but it always works for me.


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POW diet, baby

Manimal is right. Don’t bother cutting down, just keep going like Franky and the other said. Eat, a lot.

All right you’ve convinced me. I’ll stick with it until the end of the month. Sure looking forward to Fast Fast though. Like to give the pipes some rest.

Try adding about 300mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid per day (taken with carbs and protein). It has an insulin like effect which is great right after a workout from a recovery perspective. You should gain weight. Watch your bodyfat percentage, though. If it gets out of hand, you may have to stop the ALA for a while.