Water Temp

Long time since I’ve posted but always lurking around staying informed. Quick simple question guys. As far as drinking water whats the best temperature, cold or room temp, and what are the differences. Some friends of mine were having a discusion over this and I was complety caught off guard, I thought I knew everything. thanks

Water at room temp is best because it will be absorbed faster. This is because the body will not have to cool the water down to the same temp of the body

I always throught cold was best since the body had to burn calories to warm it. Although, the additional calories amounted to next to nothing. I guess I would say, just drink it!

I think this is an example of simple training being reduced to things that really don’t make a difference. While there may be some difference at a measurable level in a lab the overall effect on your body is minimal.

Lonnie Lowery has a comment on the topic in his recent article here: