Warrior diet

I have been on the warrior diet for a year and love it. My bodyfay went down to 6% an I have more energy then ever during the day. I enjoy working out on an empty stomach and feel that the diet is perfect for me. Nevertheless, it is not perfect for everyone. Some people have hard labor jobs and bust their asses during the day. They probably need food during the day and would probably find it difficult to make it for 8 hours without food. Give your body about a week or so to adapt and try it for a month. You may need to take a few protein shakes during the day for a while and then just fine tune it to your needs. I personally fast for 8-10 hours upon arising and then break my fast about an hour after workouts in the late afternoon or early evening.
Good luck

I also initially tried the fulton version of the diet with the exact same results. I lost fat the first two weeks then stayed the same the last two. I have recently combined the warrior diet with body opus with UNBELIEVABLE RESULTS. I cut the carbs on sunday and take in all my calories at night (all protien and fat of course). after the third day of ketosis I’ll have 24g of carbs at night in the form of a meal replacement. By then I’ve been in ketosis long enough so that the carbs don’t get me out of it. On weekends I’ll stick with the the regular warrior diet. I’m curious if any one else has tried this, if so what are your results? One of the great things about this forum and this zine is the exchange of ideas and information! I for one am amazed at all the great shit being discussed every day!

I lost a lot of bodyfat and actually increased muscle mass quite nicely at the same time (by eating some protein during the day). Although I’m not sure if it’s the best way to pack on the most amount of muscle… but for loosing bodyfat and even gaining some muscle, it’s fantastic.

first i’d like to say that rocky marciano from what i understand followed a similar diet when in training for his boxing matches.
after training he would eat his only meal of the day, a large steak and potato dinner.
rocky was always cut and from i’ve heard had terrific stamina.
2 questions about this diet.
i lift and kickbox. on days that i do both(i lift in late afternoon and kickbox at night) how would i eat?
and on days that i do neither how would i eat?

Kirk: An article in the Ironmag archives called “Animalbolics” addresses a question for people working out during noon on the Animalbolics/Warrior Diet. For your case, perhaps you should consume an MRP an hour after kickboxing. Because your digestive tract will absorb your MRP pretty fast, you should return to fat-burning mode fairly soon. Thereafter, eat your last two meals (or one) beginning an hour after lifting. As for “off” days, eat your first big meal about eight to ten hours after waking up. You might have to eat less carbs on these days. How much? Everyone’s sensitivity to carbs is different. Play with the numbers like James did. -Fulton

If you are going to consume a MRP after your workout, do it immediately. Do not wait an hour. By waiting an hour, your metabolism slows down and your muscles are not as “primed” to utilize the carbs and proteins. I have discussed this at length on other posts, but the longer you wait after the workout, the less effective the MRP will be.

Your body needs time to adjust to any change in diet. Personallt, I’ve tried the Warrior Diet. Eat alot during the night and nothing upon rising, till the afternoon. If you never have done it before, you will feel like SHIT initially. Progress into it slowly - focus on eating less
food from morning to the afternoon. Soon your body will adapt. Just keep some low GI fruit with you if you become hypoglycemic (low blood sugar).
The whole point about the Warrior diet is to determine if you are capable of surviving a FASTING PERIOD. Some will do better than others. 6-10 hrs of fasting isn’t going to kill
anyone - although few may become paranoid about losing muscle.
I like the warrior diet since I do not have time during the
day to sit down and eat a proper meal. MRP’s are convenient.
Not everyone can become a Warrior.
P.S If you have been following Survivor - remember Gervase, he had some muscle and after 30 odd days of eating rice etc, he still looked like he had not lost any muscle.