Walnut Ass Cracking

Has anyone seen the commercial where the personal trainer cracks a walnut in his ass, then offers his client a piece? That is one funny commercial, but seriously, how can that guy ever face anyone he knows ever again? Anyone else think of any commercials with bodybuilders and/or tight-bod chickies?

This might be the same guy that was on the Tonight Show a while back. He originally appeared on the show (in the audience) and crushed a pop can between the cheeks. They brought him back to do a stunt – use a mustard dispenser (the kind at the stadium hot-dog stands) between his cheeks and shoot the mustard 20 feet to a waiting Gilbert Godfried holding a hot dog. Gilbert actually had to lift the dog over his head to catch the mustard. No one would eat the hot dog, though.

What about the milk commercial with Gunter Schlierkamp?