Body-by-Jake; God Bless America!

I just saw an informercial for a “Body-by-Jake” “butt-thigh-squat-rubber-band” thingy. Irregardless as to what you think of the device, the MARKETING was UNBELIEVABLE! There were some of the cutest butts this side of Amy, Timea and the Honey’s in TC’s Gym (by the way, TC, what and where IS that babe-a-licious gym of yours?)There was this Mamba/Cha-Cha dance team with bods that would put most of us to shame, and of course, the obligatory “call in 6 minutes, and you ONLY pay five payments!”

They almost had me pull the old VISA out, but that little “T-Mag” voice kept saying “don’t do it… don’t do it…squats…it’s your DIET, stupid…”

We all know that the bodies on that commercial didn’t come about because of Jake’s rubber-band/butt thing, but the marketing was amazing! Ain’t America GRAND!!!

was it the butt-and-leg-rocker thing? i saw that today too…you too can look like this in just 3 minutes a day!!! (small print…diet and aerobic exercise is necessary to achieve results) i looked and snickered then went out with my friend for a 20 mile bike ride. but i have to hand it to the marketing and advertising crew for that commercial! however, my ‘buttisimo’ is going to continue to do those 6 separate exercises!

Twinlab is starting to show up more and more in the “mainstream” also. I wonder if the response is really worth the cost of the commercials. Even though it appears to be a large company, very few mainstream people seem to be aware of that brand.