Waist thickening

This has been bugging me for a while, and the T-mag forum is the only place i know to ask. My stomach seems to be sticking out more and more. My body fat isn’t that high, i can see my top four abs if i flex. My workout program includes ab training, deadlifts, and squats, so could this just be due to a thickening of the trunk/waist area? My parents say it is because my lower back curves foward alot, probably due to bad posture. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

It is the squats and deadlifts, primarily the sqauts though. They tend to thicken up the trunk. It is the same for me.

You might want to look into stretching your hip flexors. That will help the lordosis(lower back curve)to relax a bit.

Irondoc is right bro. I have the same problem. Stretching out the hip flexors has been a big help though. I would also work to bring up the lower abs.

Same here. But its muscle man so I don’t care. My obliques have spilled over hips (iliac crest). Just gotta stay on top of the lats and spread the V even more.