Velocity Diet - Started 26 May 2023


I am 32 M. Started my diet on 26 May
My stomach is swollen to some degree, which adds up size to my waist (hope the diet will help with this also to some point) and I hate my belly fat.
Used to do a lot of sports but for now limited to a personal stretching class twice a week and go to the gym twice a week doing mostly shoulder recovery exercises and working on my arms.

I have 26 days for this diet before I go to a big 7-9 days hiking trip in mountains. Got my supplements 25 May and started the very next day.
Already lost 4 kgs since January and it mostly looks like my biceps fade away.

Starting point:
height: 180 cm (probably will not change)
weight: 91.2 kg
waist above navel: 94.5 cm
right arm flexed: 38.5 cm
left arm flexed: 38 cm
chest relaxed: 107 cm

Going to try to take some pictures soon


Awesome, keep us posted!

So from day 1 my schedule is:
9:30 breakfast shake (added superfood as recommended)
12:30 lunch shake
15:30 midday shake
18:30 HSM
21:30 night shake

It happens with stable 3-hours time gap between meals, which seems to me reasonble.
I was worried about taking so many protein shakes most of the day without my usual food and also about such drastic change in nutrition balance.

So far I felt:
good around breakfast time and good around HSM, no problem at all
difficult times around lunch and midday shakes. At midday if feels like my body is going to refuse taking protein again unless I add something else, just to feel different food. One time took a small piece of cheese with midday shake, which really helped get through it, should not be a problem.

First day I felt like I don’t even want to have my night shake but reconsidered.

Second day morning weight is 90.3 kg (-0.9 or -2 lbs), waist the same. Not going to measure my waist for a few days to see some difference and not play on measurement errors hoping this is a small waist size reduce.

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Day 2 felt quite the same as day 1. Had to be on a conference with a lot of people around and hundreds of cakes, buns and other high-carb food. Not taken one, just some coffee. But decided not to go the next day because the diet just started and I am not well adjusted, feeling low on energy until HSM.
So the diet messes a bit with my other aspects of life but takes priority as it should.

Day 3 morning weight 89.9 (-0.4 daily, -1.3kg in total).

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Here are some pics took on day 2. I thought I look better :grinning:


Day 3 was no special.
Had some apricots and blended in my lunch shake (3 pcs, around 50-60 grams), not many calories but real pleasure and satisfaction.
Before HSM took a long walk by forest trails, it has some hills and that was difficult, my body was completely on energy-saving mode until I ate my HSM.

Day 4 morning weight is the same 89.9 kg. Not a concern for now. Going to walk more, 3 days did around 12k steps each day. Going to increase to at least 15k steps and stay above that level.


Day 4
took a 40 min walk before breakfast shake.
another walk just before HSM.
16k steps this day which is 33% increase.
Tried chocolate protein and was happy about it’s taste. My mistake I didn’t order more and earlier. If I didn’t know I would think it has some sort of sugar in it.

Energy levels around midday time have improved.


Day 5
Morning weight 89.5 kg (-0.4 daily)
Had a normal breakfast even though I felt quite good even without it, but promised being social that morning. It was less calories that I used to eat for breakfast and stayed somewhat hungry after.

Went to the gym for a quick 40 min training:
3 rotator cuff exercises
Zottman curl
abdominal muscles training

16k steps and went to sauna in the evening. Should have burned my breakfast with an overkill.

Now I feel like I easily ignore hunger and I could make it to go with stricter diet mode if needed.

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Day 6
89.0 kg morning weight (-0.5 daily)
This is the lowest body weight in the last 15 months I believe. Sort of checkpoint for me and going below it would make a difference.

1-hour stretching class
no cheating
15k steps
bowel movement is poor, adding more fiber
belly is still big and visually no difference, but it seems I got slimmer on my sides, expecting the last week of the diet to be the most valuable belly-fat-losing-wise, so patience is my friend for now.

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Day 7
89.2 kg (+0.2 daily)
Poor sleep, not in a mood, no energy.
tired of walking and pissed.

17k steps in total

Everything was terrible until HSM, right after HSM had some energy drink and started to feel just normal.

Day 6 and Day 7 HSMs included pickles, increased amount of salt might have affected water accumulation and body weight.

My girlfriend made me a protein dessert (cherry instead of blueberry) and it’s tasty:


Day 8
89.4 kg morning weight (+0.2 daily)
waist 94 cm (-0.5 weekly)

Day 7 was screwed, on day 8 had much better mood and everything.
17k steps

1 hour of stretching class, feels good and now I am in the most flexible shape in my life.

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Day 9
89.1 morning weight (-0.3)

No more pickles and no more bedtime shake.

16k steps and a wokrout in the gym.
Tired of walking


Day 10
88.9 kg morning weight (-0.2 daily)
new weight loss trend started
No special activities this day, only walking

16k steps

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Day 11
88.1 morning weight (-0.8 daily)
Waist 92.5 cm (-2 cm so far)

A bit unexpected weight drop, will probably go up next day.

HSM always feels so good like I am celebrating something

stretching class
17k steps

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Since I am below 89 kg it seems safe to start running - something new to my walking routine.
Considering to start near the end of the week when the weather cools off.

Running with over 90 kg also possible, but dangerous as I have knee pain (many years ago I was stupid enough to run in shorts in cold weather on pavement and got knee injury).

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Day 12

88.7 kg morning weight (+0.6 daily, -2.5 total)
gym workout

15k steps (was too lazy to do a second walk)

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Day 13

88.4 kg morning weight (-0.3 daily, - 2.8 total)

16k steps

new protein dessert
I think brownie will be the next after this

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Day 14

88.0 kg morning weight (-0.4 daily, -3.2 total)
Freaking hot day, drank a lot of cold tea and soda.

Lost good amount of weight and already see some difference in mirrow. But still a lot of fat to burn, considering running another diet cycle in autumn or winter if this time I don’t burn enough fat.

Don’t feel like I am on a diet anymore, everything just seems usual.


I’m sorry I’ve missed your log! Looks like things are going awesome!

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Day 15

87.8 kg morning weight (-0.2 daily, -3.4 total)
Day of sins.
The day before had to do some work carrying my car’s wheels several times, which got me hungry for the whole day 15.
Ate some sandwich with fish additionally to HSM.

17k steps, stretching class.

Need to be social this w/e which means having a normal breakfast. Increasing activity as well hopefully to prevent unnecessary gain.