V-Diet for an Endurance Athlete

Velocity Day 1

I’m an endurance runner that has about ten pounds to lose. Just came off of a two year training block and need to nurse some tendon issues in my feet. Figured that in this downtime, I’d do my rehab and drop some weight before my build begins again for my Boston qualifier in early to mid 2024.

Because I run so much, I’ve been able to keep weight gain away while not eating as well as I should. The goal here is a reset.

Day One
Weighed in at 177, it’s high, mostly due to a monster Mexican food mess I had for dinner yesterday. That water weight will drop quickly.

Kicked off at 8:00 AM with my first Metabolic Drive ever, added Superfood, and took all the included pills. Tastes fine, but I need to sort out the amount of water.

It’s 11:15 AM and I’m starting to feel the hunger grumble. Waiting until noon for shake two.

Shake two and three were fine. Walked the dog for an hour.

Dinner at 6:00 PM consisted of lemon chicken breast, potato, broiled Brussels sprouts, and a side salad. Enjoyed some salty flavors.

It’s 8:00 PM and I have a monster headache. I’ve been such high carb, that dropping to, what for me, is low carb (under 100g) tends to give me flu-like symptoms for a couple days. Ready to get past that.

One of the more difficult parts of the diet is the extra sleep assignment. Laid down at 10:00 PM, was very restless through the night. Woke up before 7:00 AM without an alarm. Garmin watch says 8:10 hours of sleep.

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Velocity Diet Day 2

Woke up with my headache still there. Drank a cup of coffee and took a Tylenol to take the edge off. Normally don’t use meds like this, but getting past my body’s response to lower carbs will take a few days.

Weighed in at 173, that’s a four pound drop on the day. Still have a lot of water weight and I can tell my inflammation is high. Sore feet and finger joints. Hoping the meal plan and the supplements knock that out quickly.

Breakfast and supplements at 9:00 AM, one hour walk followed. Headache mostly gone. My simple carb addiction is ugly, man.

Walked for an hour and then drank lunch and mid-day meal and I’m starting to feel more normal, thankfully.

The fight I have is to stick to the plan and not modify with calorie swaps. It’s about the reset, not the calories here. I tend to figure out a way to turn one diet into another by the end. Can’t do that here.

60 minutes at the gym maintaining my aerobic base. Thirty on the bike, thirty on the elliptical both in mid-zone two. Endorphins are amazing. I feel great.

Dinner was wonderful tasting, simple lean beef with salt and pepper, roasted Brussels sprouts, and a sweet potato. So filling.

Had to force the final shake. Still feeling full. Made a faux ice cream and liked it a lot. So far, I’ve felt way more full than hungry.

My metabolism must be cranking, I was restless and hot all through the night. Not a great night’s sleep. Oh well.

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Velocity Diet Day 3

Woke up at 171.4, down 1.6 lbs from yesterday. 5.6 lbs down since the start on Sunday.

High energy and alert until 10:10 AM. Starting to drag a little. Figured out that one scoop of vanilla and one of chocolate taste the best together.

First bit of social pressure hits today. A work team lunch that I’ll drink a shake through. Committed to stay committed.

Made it through lunch with only one person asking if I wasn’t eating. Went fine.

Once I make it to the 3:00 PM shake, it’s all money from that point. A workout, commute, and dinner prep culminating in a meal that just tastes so much better than a powder. (No offense Biotest.)

60 minutes of base training (Z2) for an upcoming mountain marathon that I’m just going to take it easy on in June. Thirty on the stair climber and thirty on the elliptical.

Great dinner and final shake a few hours later. How can I possibly feel this full on so few calories?

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Great job, man!

If you’re working out later in the day, I might suggest having your first shake later. That helped me a ton. I’d drink coffee until I was pretty hungry, then have that first one. That way I was cramming more in faster to get me to dinner. When I had the first one early, I was just hungry all morning.

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That’s a good call. I did coffee and some LMNT this morning and pushed the first meal closer to 10:00 AM. Feels better already. Once I hit the 3:00 PM shake, I feel great the rest of the day. I’m sure part of it is the excitement of a nice savory home cooked meal.

Appreciate your help!

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We’re all in it together, my man!

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Velocity Diet Day 4

Weight 169.9
Down 7 lbs

Started the day with a brisk walk, heading into the kitchen to drink breakfast and pop the pills. Energy is moderate, feeling pretty good. That jet lag feeling has passed, thankfully.

Realizing on my walk that my “why” isn’t just a reset, though that is important. I need to use this time to sort out who I want to be, food and exercise wise, from now (47 years old) until end of life. I want to be fit, strong, and have enough muscle mass to carry me into old age.

I have this Boston Marathon goal to hit. Will attempt to qualify sometime between January and April 2024. Will run Boston either January 2024 or 2025, but want to focus on building lean mass and getting stronger.

I’m pretty slight but soft in my midsection from years of distance running and high carb “fueling”. For sure not the physique I want to carry into my early to mid 50’s. The balance I need to find over the next couple years is going to be tough as my entire focus has been running and preventative strength training for running. That is not a mass building training plan.

Afternoon shake and a zone two cardio for 30 minutes. Gotta keep that base there for the Leadville run in late June.

Full body strength. Working out + metal = more endorphins. Slightly crampy late into sets.

Dinner was great, rice, lean ground beef, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Felt like I ate so much, but measured it all to the gram and pulled off a massively filling 406 calorie bowl.

17,000 steps on the day and am looking forward to two scoops, a touch of water, and some ice to make the evening “ice cream”.

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Great job so far!

“Committed to stay committed.” ← Love this!

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This is such an underrated way to enjoy Metabolic Drive.

Enjoying your write ups. Excited to see how things continue for you.


Velocity Diet Day 5

168.8 lbs (down 1.1)
8.1 lbs total

Inflammation in my feet and ankles is down quite a bit. Pain was at a 7 the last few weeks. Today, I’d say I’m at a 3.

Brisk three mile walk to kick off the day. Shake one and two in the books. Morning energy levels a bit lower due to difficulty sleeping.

Swapped shake three for a Surge and base trained for an 1:10. Didn’t have the high I feel with caffeine pre-workouts, but I will say that the stair climber for 50:00 and elliptical for 20 felt great. Mostly zone two, entered some three towards the back 1/3 since I felt so good.

Dinner was teriyaki pork tenderloin, mixed Asian vegetables, side salad with sesame ginger dressing, and a side of cherries, pomegranate, blueberries, and raspberries.

The family hasn’t complained about these much cleaner meals at all this week.

Metabolic Drive ice cream tastes better than most, if not all, Halo Top flavors. I’m sticking with this nightly habit past the Velocity Diet.


Awesome! Made it myself last night:

That looks great! After Velocity, I can’t wait to mix in some extra bits to the ice cream.

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Velocity Diet Day 6

167.6 lbs (down 1.2 on the day)
9.3 lbs total loss

Great night’s sleep. I work Sunday through Thursday, (writing this on a Friday) my weekend has arrived. Staying on track without the structure of the office might be tougher.

Really uneventful day. Drank shakes, walked for an hour, lifted weights with my son, ate a nice dinner, went to bed early.

Energy was low mid-day, picked up just fine with some movement outside.

Velocity Diet Day 7

169 lbs (up 1.4)
Down 8 lbs on the week

Didn’t cheat at all, just weighed in with more water. I notice that my weight is higher after lifting the evening before.

Busy day getting ready for Mother’s Day with gift buying, grocery shopping, and getting cars clean. Brought my shaker and powder with me in case the day went long. Of course it did, so I’m glad I thought ahead. I make a lot of bad decisions when I’m hungry, so another takeaway for post Velocity to plan ahead better.

All shakes :white_check_mark:
No cheats :white_check_mark:
Two hour ruck :white_check_mark:

Felt pretty good all day. Ended with chicken breast, roasted broccoli, and potatoes. Oh, and Metabolic Drive ice cream.

I’ve tracked every calorie this week and since I’m exactly seven days complete, I’ll put the rundown below.

• Avg calories per day: 1632
• Protein per day: 201
• Carbs per day: 121 (Surge x 3 days bumps that up)

I’m feeling great one week in. Didn’t realize I’d feel as full as I’ve been. Metabolic Drive is much more filling than the standard whey powder I’ve been purchasing.

Here’s to week two!


Velocity Diet Day 8
Up .5, not worried, I’ve been steady.

Week two begins. Another solid night’s sleep, really glad for that. Prioritizing sleep this last week has been a game changer. I’ll keep that up post diet.

Did well through the day. Smoked a pork shoulder for Mother’s Day, wife’s request. All sides were super clean. Son and his girlfriend bought a cheesecake, you see where this is going.

So, I have some work to do around the idea of not letting my family down by not eating something I really don’t want to (but also REALLY want to).

I keep coming back to the thought of “who do I want to be”. I want to be a guy who avoids food that make me feel like garbage, eliminates sugars, eats for longevity and performance, and looks great in my 40’s (soon to be 50’s).

While calories came in less than 2000, I can feel the water retention, I can tell that my cravings are higher, and I’ll bet inflammation is a bit elevated.

I’ll dust myself off and get back on track. I am proud that a slice of cheesecake didn’t turn into a full blown f’it binge.


It’s a surprisingly tough challenge. I think it helps to let them know you’ll be happy to enjoy the occasional slice of cheesecake once you reach your goals. Most of the time, people are supportive. (Sometimes, they’re toxic saboteurs trying to hold you back, but this doesn’t sound like one of those situations.)

That can be a win unto itself.


Yeah, that’s the crazy thing. My family was supportive, they didn’t even bring me a plate or fork. I still let the mind game get to me. I think I can honestly say it wasn’t about the food, but about some weird pressure I put on myself.

Not giving in for the rest of the day was a big win. Agree.


Velocity Diet Day 9

170.7 (up 1.2)

Figured I’d be up a touch with the slice of cheesecake last night. That’ll sort itself out soon. It’s amazing how eating something like that causes me to wake up way more hungry and craving garbage than eating clean does.

Have to push the first meal later into the day due to a routine doctors appointment to check my t-levels and get blood work (on TRT).

Feeling motivated to have a great week and do more work around why I choose the foods I choose.

One hour ruck, 30 minutes on the elliptical, and a nice full body strength workout.

All meals/drinks were perfect today. Felt locked in again.


Velocity Diet Day 10
168.9 (down 1.8 lbs)
Total down 8 lbs

Man, I’ve been sleeping great the last few days. Hot shower, cold room, not going to bed hungry though I’m on a roughly 1000 calorie deficit.

Forgot my Flameout pills at home and drank the shakes through the day as usual, but felt more hungry. Do the fish oil pills make a person feel more full?

Zone two stair climb for one hour. Felt great.

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This sounds horrible!!! :joy: