V-Diet for an Endurance Athlete

Honestly, it is horrible, though I did feel great doing it! But, I have the Leadville Marathon coming up in mid-June and need to keep those climbing muscles primed.

Used to be into running long. Did a bunch of 50k’s but due to injuries couldn’t put in the mileage to go longer. Once I got my shoulder fixed and got back into weight training my running days got very limited. Much easier to run at 168lbs than 200lbs especially on trail. Good luck at leadville!!!

Velocity Diet Day 11

167.6 (down 1.3)
Overall down 9.3 lbs

This is the longest I’ve stacked so many great nights of sleep in years. Some due to getting into bed earlier. Maybe the hot bath in epsom salts are contributing? Possibly the diet itself? I’m not sure.

All “meals” went fine. Heathy meal was good, did the chicken dish from the food thread. Made ice cream with the Metabolic Drive. Settling into this habit, it’s good stuff.

One hour walk and a one hour strength workout. Still feeling strong 11 days in. Never getting overly hungry.

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As soon as I wrap up the Boston Marathon, I’m going all in on strength and building muscle. I’m tired of marathon training. It’s a fun goal, but rough on the body.

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Velocity Diet Day 12

167.2 (down .4)
Overall loss 9.7 lbs

I packed all the powders, pills, and workout gear into the bag and headed to work early. My daughter’s end-of-year awards banquet meant I had to preplan the day well.

Daily planning is something I need to do all year long. Bad decisions crop up with many bad choices being available. If I keep the good stuff around me, I’m betting I’ll be more likely to keep making good decisions.

I forgot that I needed to dump some red blood cells today. It took a bit out of me, so I bailed on a workout. I still walked for an hour.


This is a good plan. If I don’t have everything with me a bad decision is easy to make.

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Velocity Diet Day 13

167.2 (held steady)
Overall loss 9.7

I was worried that I’d feel poorly today after having to give blood to bring my red count back down. Thankfully, woke up feeling pretty good. Didn’t get hungry until after 10:00.

I know I’ve said it several times, but it’s really surprising to me that hunger hasn’t been a huge issue in the nearly two weeks I’ve been doing this.

Followed the plan, rucked for two hours, and went to bed on time. Prior to the Velocity Diet, I was sleeping between 7 to 7.5 hours per night. The last two weeks, I’m just over 8 hours per night. That’s been great!

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Velocity Diet Day 14

168.1 (up .9)
Loss to date 8.8

Two weeks in and I’ve enjoyed this plan a lot. Consistent with walks, workouts, and food. Still feeling strong. So, here’s to two more weeks.

Only real thing to mention about today is that I shifted my HSM to a lunch date with my wife. Grilled chicken on a nice bed of greens. Didn’t have to add dressing. Just tasting the greens was pretty good. Don’t think I would have said that a couple weeks ago.

My 19 year old son has decided to start lifting, so having a partner in the gym after all this time is nice. Lifted and added 20 minutes of zone two work and was sufficiently wiped out for the day.

Expecting a nice drop in weight sometime soon.


Velocity Diet Day 15

166.5 (-1.6 lbs)
To date 10.4 down

Two weeks in the rear view and broke ten lbs down. Felt hungry nearly all day, which has been rare. Stuck to the plan. Rucked for 1:15.

• 1803 calories on average days 8-14
• 205g protein per day

Good to see a handful of people joining the V-diet and posting in their logs. Encouraging!


Velocity Diet Day 16

166 (-.5 lbs)
10.9 lbs down to date

I have a few LMNT chocolate packs that I never really figured out how to use. Turns out adding these little tasty salt packets into two servings of Metabolic Drive, 150g of ice, and 200g of water tastes AMAZING. I might add some salt to my nightly “ice cream” as it tastes so great.

Did an early five mile ruck today at a 14:00 average pace. Felt great and inflammation and pain in my feet is WAY down. This diet is hitting at a perfect time to reset my body and heal up a bit between seasons.


Just checking in and you’re crushing it. Awesome to see and I appreciate your write ups/ realizations - I think it’s helpful reminders for all of us.

You had a question about whether Flameout kept you more full - for me, both Flameout and Superfood has that effect.

I intend to give this a run again (or more likely the “lifestyle” version @T3hPwnisher and @Chris_Shugart have bandied about) when I get home, and I think Metamucil will feature prominently - I feel like that will be a calorie-free bit of fullness with some added benefit.


Hell yeah dude! Excited to see you give it another run. Metamucil certainly helps, with fullness and just adding a little bulk to the movements.


I need it dude - I’ve been absolutely unhinged on the road; 0 discipline

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Velocity Diet Day 17

166.8 (up .8)
10.1 down to date

Feels good to be past the halfway point.

It’s 2:00 PM, and I’m tired, man. A bit of weariness has set in. Looking forward to a nice dinner to get some energy back.

It’s 5:00 PM, and I finished a great workout. Energy returned about halfway through. Endorphins are great. Now I’m really ready for dinner. Teriyaki chicken breast over rice tasted so good.

@TrainForPain Thanks for the encouragement. I didn’t even think about Superfood, but I bet you’re right. I look forward to moving to @T3hPwnisher version of this in a week and a half. Adding extra meat to anything always sounds great.


Velocity Diet Day 18

165.6 (down 1.2)
11.3 down to date

Fat is melting off, and people are complimenting/noticing that I’m looking fitter. This helps with motivation. Who doesn’t want to be noticed like that?

Blended Metabolic Drive with ice tastes so dang good, even better with a chocolate LMNT in it. Shaker bottle Metabolic Drive doesn’t hit the same way. Gotta do it like that at work, though.

I have a few marathon training blocks coming up over the next year, and all I’m thinking about is lifting. It’ll be an interesting needle to thread to try to keep both going. I think I’m willing to give up some speed by not doing what I’ve done the last few years, six days a week of running. I’m curious to see if it’s possible to get to a 3:15 marathon running four days a week and lifting three. The running block doesn’t start until July or August, though. I have time to figure it out.

When Boston is over, I’m all in on building strength, I have to finish the running goal. Eternal Warrior and 5/3/1 are very intriguing to me.

The major win of the day was staying locked in on the shakes and then heading to dinner with friends. I ate half of what the restaurant brought me, half the chicken thighs and half the rice. Kept me at the appropriate calories for the day. The funny thing is that I felt full though I only ate half the food.


Velocity Diet Day 19

166.9 (up 1.3)
10 lbs down to date

My weight is a bit up today. Not to get too graphic, but I’ve been a very “regular” guy in the mornings. Not for the last couple of days, though. I need to add some fiber and get going again. My guts just aren’t moving.

James Clear’s weekly email had a quote that I felt was great:

"Just because improvements aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

You’re not going to see the number change each time you step on the scale. You’re not going to finish a chapter each time you sit down to write.

Early wins come easy. Lasting wins require a lifestyle."

Had a birthday to attend in the evening, a DIY taco bar, and it worked for me perfectly. Grabbed a few ounces of shredded chicken and pork, threw it on some rice, poured salsa over everything, and called it good. I traded the beers for Topo Chico and enjoyed the night.

Are you using a full-on blender for this? Does it make a mess?

I’m using one of those bullet-type blenders where the blade screws onto the cup itself, though I have used a blender and that works fine too. Not much mess at all.

150g of ice, 250g of water, and two scoops of MD.


Awesome - thanks!

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