Utilizing negative chins & dips with Extreme HIT

Good day Dr. Darden,

After seeing great results with your Extreme HIT program last fall;

(Which I ran as written, with the exception that I used the Surge Protocol instead of the Mag 10/Plazma as outlined. I achieved the best strength and muscle gains of the last several years; albeit somewhat due to the fact that I respond well to concentrated programming. Nonetheless, HIT is my go to, and your work is organized and motivates me… Anyways!)

I am looking to run it again, but twice weekly as opposed to thrice weekly; omitting two of the later 10-30 workouts entirely (Challenges 8 & 11).

I wanted to substitute the bench press with a negative dip, and the barbell curl with a negative chin up (utilizing Fat Gripz One, the smaller size).

How would you recommend performing these negatives in this context? 30 second, 60 seconds? Perhaps multiple 15’s?

And should I add weight? If so, how shall I determine weight selection? A 60 second negative chin is not challenging to me.

Looking forward to grabbing your new book. Thank you for your time,

You are gifted with the negative chin and dip. Why don’t you apply a pre-exhaustion movement before each one? Perhaps a pullover before the chin and a bent-arm fly before the dip?

Ah, that’s a good idea. Had not considered pre exhaust.

So maybe just a straight set of 8-15 on the pre exhaust followed by a 60 sec BW negative?

Thanks again Dr. Darden.

i cannot justify pre exhausting to weaken the greater stimulus lift. i think i’d get better results from an unfatigued chin and dip than a pre exhausted one.

Why don’t you alternate both styles?

Do you mean, one time do body weight for a long duration set (60 s) and another time add weight for a shorter set (30 s).

I also thought maybe chest fly machine to pre exhaust for dips, since the dip is replacing the bench press, BUT I am curious on your selection of bent laterals?

EDIT: I see that you said bent arm fly, and for some reason I interpreted that as a bent over rear fly. My bad, perhaps you were in fact referring to a chest fly.

Yes to your first interpretation. The chest fly machine or bent arm fly with dumbbells – either one will work.

Sounds good Dr. Darden. Appreciate your time as always, and looking forward to round 2 of Extreme HIT.

Dr. Darden,
Sorry to keep calling you back to this thread!
I wanted to clarify, are you suggesting I do 30-10-30 on the two pre exhaust exercises, or just a straight set of say 8-15.
Have never tried 30-10-30 pullovers but I imagine it would smash my triceps more than anything. I also wonder if using 2 additional 30-10-30 exercises would take away from the focus on the rest of the Challenge.

Experiment and find out what works best for you.

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