Using My Dad's Lifting Program

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chimera182 wrote:
Yeah, apart from the initial lift off the ground, I just go from the hip.

Ah, then unless you are doing a hang high pull we are on a different page in a different textbook.

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Well a rose by any other name… although in this case it’s actually different. Either way, thanks for clearing that up.

/hijack for now

seems rathr a lot for a new guy to do, KISS - keep it simple stupid. i guess just pick horizontal/vertical push/pull and squats and deads

thanks guys!! big help. I will let u know how it all goes. I weigh 140 now… hoping to get around 165ish by the end of summer. Any other commens wud be great

If your dad got big like you said, you should just listen to him.

Just dont have chest/back and leg day next to each other, have them a few days apart.

The rep scheme looks good too, just one thing:

flys, reverse flys, front raises, lateral raises, calves, abs should probably stay above 8 reps at least.

I’m tempted to follow that program myself.