Upper Back DOMS?

Power shrugs

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Sternum chins (though pronated grip is preferred, in my experience)

A bit of learning curve to them, and its the DOMS that confirms you’re doing em correctly


Also Zercher squats, especially if you emphasize keeping a tight back with bar up and close to your chest. [/quote]

I didn’t think you were allowed to mention Zercher squats around here.[/quote]


Heavy front squats, band rows (paused)

Deadlifts,farmers walks and heavy incline dumbbell presses.

Chest supported rows are the only exercise that give me DOMs in my upper back.

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What exercise gives you upper back DOMS?

I worked up to a good weight doing weighted chin ups, but always felt them in my biceps more. Never got upper back DOMS.

Then I did rowing, and I concentrated EXTREMELY hard on form - trying to crush my shoulder blades downwards and backwards so hard that the effort of doing this made me more tired than doing the actual rowing repetitions.

And my upper back still didn’t get DOMS.

What gives you upper back DOMS?

I’m kinda looking for some rowing or chining variation because I know deadlift hits back, but it does it isometrically unless you’re round-back deadlifting which is sorta playing with fire anyway…[/quote]

Not sure why you’d want DOMS, but rack deads with scapular retraction. (Do a forum search for Cephalic_Carnage)

And yes, Kroc rows.

Sometimes when I feel stupid, I super set moderate weight dead-lifts with hang cleans and finally wide grip seated rows to the sternum or a bit higher. I usually never get upper back DOMS but this super set usually does it. For the hang cleans and rows, I usually keep the weight light enough to really feel the MMC. Also, for the hang cleans I kind of do a hybrid version where it’s more of a high pull with a catch at the end.

t-bar row with more upright position
rack deads
kroc rows
1 set all out seated db shrugs and some face pulls

Tried some Power Shrugs (225x10) with straps yesterday. OMG the DOMS!!!

  • neutral grip pull-ups
  • chest supported rows
  • high rep cable rows (15-20 reps)

always get DOMS if form is strict

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Tried some Power Shrugs (225x10) with straps yesterday. OMG the DOMS!!![/quote]

Power shrugs are supposed to be heavy man. I just did 455x6, that was major DOMS. Load that barbell up and then try.

face pulls and weighted inverted rows (best done with gymnast rings or a TRX

Do any 3 exercises with half your usual weight.
Go for world record slowest eccentrics.
About 10 reps that last way longer than 15 sec. each.
So each exercise last over 3 min. You will be forced to go light.
Enjoy and Happy season !