UK T-Men

Any suggestions for the best place to purchase Biotest products in the UK? I’m obviously looking for good deals and service.

Thanks in adance.

Try Its about 25%-30% cheaper than any shop in the uk!!!

Also, if you missed the free joining period at cyberflex (like I did!) it now costs 60 pounds (either per month or per year), try or Anyone else have any suggestions?

Cheers guys.

Has anyone tried ordering overseas from the Biotest store on this site? Surely the two for one offer plus the dollar to sterling exchange rate would make it worthwhile?!

Anyone from Biotest like to comment on this? most definately. £60 joining fee? I just ordered last week for the first time and didn’t have to pay £60, or do you mean order over £60 cus my order came to about £80 i think. Just a thought, how many UK T-men are there? Post here if you meet the criteria of being in the UK and reading T-mag.