Biotest retailers in the UK

Any UK T-men out there know of any supplement stores that stock Biotest products in the North London area? Also what are the best on-line sites to order from? is probably the cheapest. also. I think there are some other online retailers also that stock Biotest supps. Do what I do - go in WHSMITH and read musclemag (shudder) and write down the web addresses - cheeky but why not?

Anymore guys? I’m really looking for somewhere i can go and by Biotest products off the shelf i.e. not wait for the post to arrive. I’m after some MD6 but failing that i’d appreciate any recommendations for fat loss supplements.

I’ve never seen it in the shops, but then I tend to order most of my supplements online anyway. I’ve bought from Cyberflex many times, and can wholeheartedly recommend them. Affordablesupplements have always been good too.

Give Workout World in London a call, 020 79250211, or visit They always stock the full range, offer mail order and in-store discounts, and offer the best advise around, always upto date. They actually had the complete first shipment of SURGE consigned to them; always the first to have items in stock, and with large quantities.

Yeah, I’ll second that. Workout World have an extremely efficient mail order service and very knowledgeable staff, not to mention very generous discounted rates. BTW, I have no affiliation with this company I just happen to use them.

Go to MESOMORPHOSIS.COM, then click on “Links”. There you will find 50 different retailers to choose from nationwide. The best prices on Biotest are This is where I get all my Biotest supps for cheap! Check it out Bro!