Type Of Protein In Meats?

Is one meat better than another as far as protein is concerned or is it is all the same? Thanks for the help, Nic

There may be some that are (ever so) slightly better, but I think the higher value would be negligeble. In other words, all things being equal your not going to gain an extra 5-10 pounds by eating chicken protein over beef or fish. In fact, I think the case can be made that variety in the types of protein one consumes is more important. But frankly I don’t think there’s much difference in fish, chicken, beef, coon possum, deer, armadillo, rat, snake or alligator. Besides, fry’em and they taste like chicken anyway :wink:

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Todd is correct. They are plenty of huge dudes who eat primarily chicken breasts for their protein. While that is hardly scientific proof in and of itself, the point is that you will not turn into Mr. Punyverse if don’t eat whey and or casein every 2.57 hours as your primary source of protein. The real world difference is negligible. Just remember that meat sources, while containing other benificial ingredients besides just the protein itself, often have a saturated fat content even in the leanest cuts that can add up fast. This you don’t want. This is where adding virtually fat free powdered proteins may come in handy, not to mention for me personally it is difficult to consume 200-250 grams of protein daily of food only sources. I’d be in the kitchen half of the day and the bathroom for the other half.

I have to agree and also put in my 2 cents. Protein is protein is protein. In your gut, that filet mignon or shoe leather or whatever gets turned into a goo very much like library paste so it can pass into the cappilaries in the intestinal villi and out into the body. Whey protein happens to be closer to a pre-digested, “library paste” state than a chicken breast, say. So it gets to your tissues faster, with less time spent in the gut being broken down.

Muscle and organ meats are the most complete proteins available to the average person after milk/casein products. Anmazingly, they are all made of the same constituent amino acids, so chicken breast is just as good, protein-wise, as steak or whale meat. Granted, the chicken breast may have less connective tissue and fat than a steer. But that depends entirely on what the animal ate, how much exercise they got, how much stress they were under, what kind of supplements they were given, etc.