Turkey Day

Ekul makes a good point in one of his posts about enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. Have you guys ever seen those articles in some fitness mags like “How to Eat During the Holidays”? As if a nice Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is going to kill you.

Here’s what I’m going to do. Thanksgiving day I’m getting up early, getting a little protein and Power Drive into my system and heading to the local high school weight room. I’m going to get a good workout, then come home for a big protein shake. A few hours later I’m going to tear into the turkey and dressing. I’m not going to think about glycemic index, calories, or protein content. I’m going to enjoy the meal and yep, even have some pumpkin pie (with Cool Whip on top). Before bed, I’ll have another shake. The next day it’s right back on the pre-planned diet.

Enjoy the holidays. One reason why we train and diet is so that we CAN splurge every once in a while without guilt or negative health consequences. Eat, watch football, look at your sister-in-law’s ass, relax, play with your kids and kin, and have fun. From all of us here at T-mag, have a great Thanksgiving!

Lets have a contest. Everybody weigh themselves today and then again Friday. Whoever gains the most weight wins. Maybe some free Md6…

Great plan, bud! Have a Happy one!

Chris, if you ain’t bangin’ yer sister-in-law, you ain’t no Texan.

Sure, Billy Joe, but then all my cousins would get jealous! Then we’d have to go on Springer and fight it out. Could get ugly.

There’s also something to be said for an “amateur” night concept for holidays. For example, I used to party hard four or five days a week. When New Year’s came around, I’d be so sick of the hype, I’d let all the once a year warriors do their drinking and go rent a video.

For those of us who are always trying to gain weight, the same concept applies for Thanksgiving. I’ve been trying to bulk up and put on 19 pounds in about 18 weeks. Because of all the constant eating this requires, I’m going to just have a little bit of everything and take a day off from gorging myself. Ahh, who am I kidding? When my mom sets the mashed potatoes in front of me and asks me to finish them off, how can I refuse? I’m going to eat so much that I can’t see over my stomach to watch football. You know, this plan didn’t work on New Year’s either.

Re: weight gain. My record several years ago... high school wrestling meet tuesday: 128 pounds. Friday morning practice 145 pounds and one pissed coach.

Damn Chris, you’re going to get a workout in? Man, everything will be closed tomorrow so I’ll be getting my workout in on Friday.

As for eating, I'll be cooking up a fat meal at my house for lunch. After that, I'll be visiting some friend's and eating with them! So I should be throwing down three huge Turkey Day meals and loving every bit of it.

I’m trying to gain some weight anyway, so a couple days of extra calories will do me good. I will even have some dessert!

And you know I’ll have leftovers for the rest of the weekend. So bring on the turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing and anything else I can fit on my plate. Nate Dogg is ready to eat! Bow wow wow!

On a sad note, I just wish I was spending the holiday with the girlfriend. I don’t have any family around here, so I used to spend the holidays with her and her family. But that won’t happen this year. And that’s another story! :frowning:

It’s a holiday, and I’m not even gonna worry about the diet. I’ve been doing great. Even my mom called long-distance to ask if I’d eat any apple pie this year because of my diet, but HELL YEAH! I’m gonna find out if my local Gold’s Gym will allow non-members to work out for a cover charge (does anyone know the answer to this?), and go after Thanksgiving. Also, since it takes more calories to add muscle, I’m gonna go back on my Androsol starting tomorrow and take it for a month to use my holiday splurges in my favor.

i’m eating tons of turkey, at least a lb. I’ll also be eating a grip of sweet potatoes with them marshmallows and cinnamon. I’ll top it off with half of a pumpkin pie. Two hours later I’m going to my fiancé’s family Thanksgiving and having the same thing. Should be lots of fun. I’m guessing I’ll jump up 5 or 6 lbs. Goes great since I’m needing to gain weight while on my cycle. Happy Turkey Day!

Chris, just make sure you count Thanksgiving as your ‘cheat day’ and switch to Myoplex lite peaches and cream flavor. Look for our new Cranberry flavor Myoplex for Thanksgiving (limited supplies, originally only for Body-for-Life Thanksgiving coaches!)…yours in Life!