In preperation for Turkey Day

7 days until Thanksgiving. Of course I do realize that the intent of the holiday is to be thankful for what we have (especially appropriate this year, I think). But let’s be honest, here - we also enjoy Thanksgiving because of the food, and many of us are going to end up pigging out. I know I probably will. So in preperation, I figured it would be a good idea to go on a short keto diet and up my cardio, starting today. It should be enough to lessen the “damage” on the 22nd. Anyone else have similar plans? Or do you plan on being good on Thanksgiving?

from what I understand, a Keto Diet will prime you fot fat gain if yuo come off with a lot of carbs. You might be better off pigging out now and ketoing AFTER.

I hate these types of questions. Its one day a year. Live! Just enjoy yourself. I know what im gonna do. Im gonna deadlift on wednesday like never before. Then supercompensate on thursday. Will this work good? Hell if i know but im gonna eat anyway so i might as well need it.

Aikigreg, I did think about the keto possibly priming me for fat storage. But insulin sensitivity shouldn’t drop that much in a week, especially if I’m using fish oil and ALA, right? Good point, though. After may make more sense.

Goldberg, trust me, I do plan on enjoying myself. I just enjoy myself more if I do something to feel that I deserve it. I'm not really that worried about it, I was just wondering if it was a good idea and if other people had given it some thought. I do plan on tearing it up in the gym the day before.

The last thing I’m going to do is get anal about eating on Thanksgiving, especially this year!! I’ve been a good boy for months, one day is not gonna kill me - besides with the small meals I’ve been eating I’ll be full with one plate.

Yea dude,don’t get alf freaked out over a holiday…eat your turkey(protein) and go moderate on the pies and stuff…what is there to worry about?

ARGH!! 1 g carb over my limit!! It’S THE END OF THE WOOOORLD!!!

Okay, okay, I get the point! Like I said, I’m not really that worried about it, I just thought I’d ask and get some input.

Hey Spanky. TC wrote an atomic dog article about this last year. Basically he said the same as everybody else, but it’s worth reading this time of the year. Basically, eat what you want, it’s only one day. If you really feel lousy 2 days later, then up your cardio a bit and perhaps cut back a bit on your carbs. At least that’s MY plans.

Good idea on the keto…and contrary to another respondent, keto diets will not prime you for fat gain even on the carb up if YOU TRACK your caloric intake. (it also depends on your starting bf% and other metabolic factors)…bottom line is this…some say live and eat and be thankful, and others like myself, who are very strick, bring a cooler of my own bb’ing foods and just stay on the typical strict bb’ing diet with some modifications (so you don’t piss grandma off)…bottom line, just keep TRACK of caloric intake levels…People don’t realize this…yeah, you’ll get your protein through turkey, but other than that…carbs don’t really TRULY matter at this point as long as you are at maintenance or Slightly below.

I’m just gonna stick with small portion sizes and incorporate it into my existing Massive Eating plan as a P&C meal. I’ll take 3-4 ounces of turkey and down a protein shake afterwards (which will keep me under the 10g limit). For carbs, I’ll have half a yam, and load up on turnip (low calorie, and it fills you up). To be honest with you guys, the only thing I really look forward to about Thanksgiving is being with family-food doesn’t mean anything (just don’t tell my Grandmother that). Sure, everyone looks at me like a friek when I only have one plate at the table. But, then again, they’re all asleep on the floor two hours later while I’m eating another meal and watching the Lions game. Plus, they all come to me for nutrition and exercise advice all year, so they know not to criticize me. Anyway, don’t sweat the small stuff fellas- remember what it’s all about.

I agree with the live a little theory and also with the fact that if you’re used to eating 6-8 small meals a day it’s hard to pack down too much anyway. What I do and have done on occasion is use a couple of sups, one that many don’t think works and does not get much attention which is chitosan. I believe it does bind with fat if used properly. What I do is roughly calculate how many grams of fat I plan to eat on a pig out,ie pizza or burgers. If you watch your diet as close as we all do we should know approx fat content of the junk out there. Chitosan will absorb about 4 grams of fat for every one gram taken. There is a thresehold I believe and that is about 10 grams of chitosan that can be taken without intestinal discomfort. so the max amout of fat one could block would be about 40 grams. I only use as much as I feel I need and don’t bother with it if my saturated fat part of my fat/carb meal is under 10 grams. I also take 500-1000 grams of vitamin c with it as this increases absorbtion. It must be taken at least 2 hours devoid from food(empty stomach) and about 30 minutes before your meal. the other sup I’ve been using is a starch blocker called phaseolamin which is derived from beans. 1000 mg of this can block approx 70 grams of starches(mashed potatos, pasta, breads). nothing out there yet to block sugar allthough the herb fenugreek can lower the glycemic index of foods. The chitosan will block fat soluable vitamins and any meds that are in your system. Wait at least 4 hours after taking to take any medication. It gets a bum rap, but when used on occasion can be very helpfull. Any ads you see promoying this stuff or any direction you may see on a bottle of chitosan should be disregarded as it does’nt transfer well for our applications. Just use the absorbtion math, one gram absorbs 4 grams of fat and take as much as you want up to 10 grams. Whew! happy turkey day to all!