Has anyone ordered products from the suppliers of TTOKKYO. I want to make sure they are a reliable place to get gear. Brock gave their web address being a loyal reader I take his word on it, but I just wanted to know if anyone has ever used them and what kind of experience you had when getting products from them??

I still can’t find a legit supplier via the internet. I don’t trust Eagle and have only found one other geocities website that’s done very well, but I’m still wary about losing $ on the web.

From what I’ve read and seen Ttokkyo products are fully legit. My “friend” just went to Mexico and brought back 15 of the 5ml bottles of Testenon which is the same blend as Sostenon-250 but they have better standardization with all of their products making them potent. Also they are cost effective ranging from $20-$30 for a 5ml bottle which equals 5 injections per bottle. The liquid has like a yellowish tint to it and I guarantee that it will blow away any other Sostenon that you might come across. Another benifit to the Testenon is that you won’t find any fakes because it’s such a new product, it even comes in a box that is shrinkwrapped. OK, as you can tell I live the stuff. They have other products but I’ll go into detail on another post. And, kids don’t mistakenly order their Ketamine - it’s a cat tranquillizer not an Anabolic Derivative simmilar to PCP. Trust me on this one stay away from this shit (just the ketamine).

Check around some more. There are boards that specialize in this kind of information.

I have just received an e-mail from Tok., they CC’d eagle, wouldn’t that mean he’s one of their legite resellers?

Ttokkyo stuff is supposed to be very good according to everything I’ve read. There are many domestic sources other than the one mentioned. Check out some of the other boards and you will locate them.

The original Eagle is no longer with Ttokkyo.
The new guy goes by the same name and I have
read a thread on another board that the new
one is much more dependable. He even posted and
said his holiday delays were due to a 2 week vacaiton that he took with his family. He has a
$500 minimum though and that kinda sucks.

Do not order from Eagle, he is a well known scammer. Check some of the other boards to find a good source.