Ttokkyo Gear Faked?

Has anybody used the Ttokkyo brand of injectables, namely the Test. Cypionate? I’m wondering if this brand is being counterfeited as much as the Steris stuff is these days … if so, are they good clones or total shit?

A few issues back Strasser had this to say about Ttokkyo labs in his column:

"Ttokkyo labs (note the corrected spelling) is located in Mexico and they’re doing something really cool, something I wish I could do (I am sooo jealous!). They’re making and selling (legally) some of the coolest veterinary anabolic steroids around. The mascot they’re using on their packaging is also very cool (see pictures at their web site).

They sell a clone of the Thai Anabols (pink D-bols) at 5 mg per tab in bottles of 100 and 1,000 tablets. They also carry the best Deca product on the planet; it comes in a 10-ml bottle and has a whopping (and quite convenient) 300 mg/ml concentration of nandrolone decanoate in it.

Other products include 100-mg/ml Testosterone cypionate in a 10-ml bottle, and they’re the only place in the world that I know of at the moment selling legit Anavar (they have a 2.5-mg tablet in bottles for $100). The price on most of their stuff is really good, also."

Hope this helps!


I’m curious to know if you’ve personally tried any of these products? Also, do you know approximately where this company is located in Mexico? Do you know the prices of the d-bol in either the 100 tab/bottle or the 1000 tab/bottle?

Thank you for your efforts on this matter.

Deelite, that’s what I’m looking for as well. I know the “real” Ttokkyo is producing good things, but my source is selling TTokkyo Cyp and I need to know how I can tell if it’s really from them. I know Steris Labs has been closed down for ~2 years now, so all of that Cyp has got to be fake by now. I just want something I can trust.

I’ve got a bottle of the deca 300mg/ml Ttokkyo…The box has a hologram of the dog that Brock mentioned…the bottle is like teal colored…I don’t believe there are any counterfeits or fakes out yet…The hologram would be a problem…

NANDROLONA 300 MG X 10 ML-------------------------------------------

TESTOSTERONA CIPHIONATE 100MGX 10 ML--------------------------------
OXANDROLONA 2.5 MG X 100 TABS---------------------------------------

METHENDIENONE 5MG X 1000 TABS---------------------------------------

TESTONON 250 MG X 5 ML----------------------------------------------

-----------$ 25.00
BOLDENON 200 MG X 10 ML---------------------------------------------

----------$ 40.00
KETAMINA 1000 MG X 10 ML--------------------------------------------

------------$ 15.00

NORANDREN 200MG X10 ML----------------------------------------------

--------$ 60.00
NORANDREN 200 MG X50 ML---------------------------------------------

NORANDREN 50 MG X50ML-----------------------------------------------

---------$ 50.00
TESTOSTERONA 200 MG X 10 ML-----------------------------------------

-------$ 25.00
TESTOSTERONA 100 MG X10 ML------------------------------------------

-------$ 10.00
TESTOSTERONA 50 MG X 20 ML------------------------------------------

--------$ 10.00

DECANANDROLEN 200 MG X 10 ML----------------------------------------

DENKADIOL 75 MG X10 ML----------------------------------------------

-------------$ 75.00
STANAZOLIC 50 MG X20 ML---------------------------------------------

ULTRAGAN 100 MG X10 ML----------------------------------------------

-------------$ 30.00
MAXIGAN 50 MG X 50 ML-----------------------------------------------

-----------------$ 60.00
REFORVIT 25 MG X50 ML-----------------------------------------------

ARATEST 250 MG X10ML------------------------------------------------

EQUIPOISE 50 MG X50 ML----------------------------------------------

GANABOL 50 MG X 50ML------------------------------------------------

ANAPLEX 5 MNG X100 TABS.--------------------------------------------


These are the prices for all Ttokkyo products–hope this helps!! Please don’t ask me any questions about the company (they just e-mailed this list to me)–HOLZS

The price for their pink Anabol clones are $300 for a 1000 (5mg each). I have some other prices they sent me too. I’m trying to get more information on how to go about purchasing these. Does anybody know?


Ttokkyo labs is located in Mexico City, and I think that they have a factory in the state of Morelos, Mx also.

How do they ship to the U.S. without customs problems?