Trip to Spain

I’ll be going to Barcelona in a few weeks. Anyone know if there is some of the “good stuff” readily available there? If so, then what, where, and how much? I’d hate to miss out on a good opportunity. I realize it’s not going to be as opened up as mexico, but it’s at least worth a shot. Anyone care to give me some advice here? Thanks for your time in advance.

I just did some web searches, but can’t seem to find anything about availability in pharmacies or vet clinics or anything. Most places just have your standard list of roids but not where to go. Again, thanks for any help and for those of you who are tired of “roid” questions…well, where else can I go? There’s a lot of good info here!

Yes things are available OTC in spain. Go to your local pharmacias and ask for things by name. Look in the internet for the names of shit you want, like Oxitosana is Anadrol. Deca is deca, whinny is whinny, the Test esters are all different though. Also keep in mind that one farmacia is not likely to have a stocade of shit, you will have to go to several to get all you need.