Triceps Dilema

Just wondering if someone could help me with a little problem I have with my left triceps. About 9 Months ago I was in a brutal car accident that left me unable to train for about 3 months. After the accident my whole body hurt but my left arm was left very swolen and completely black and blue. I returned to the doctor and although I could barely move the arm due to triceps and shoulder pain, he said all would be fine. A month later I felt better but the long head of my triceps looked as if it got split in half and my shoulder was still on vacation. When I returned to his office he told me it was ok and that I should stop training or make it worse. This really pissed me off so I decided to disregard what he told me and use info from Testosterone to get back were I was. 9 months later Im back at about 75% of where I was(strength wise) and making some nice gains. But my triceps head is still split and its all the more noticable because I have put on 25 pounds of muscle. I guess my question is should I go have surgery and repair it or keep on training full steam ahead. I am enjoying the muscle gains and time of would suck but this retarded looking tricep and strength loss(bench press) suck. Any help would be greatly appreciated and let me say that T-Mag rules!

My right tri is torn in the same place(inside of arm). My doc told me they could stitch it back together but that he doubted it would hold. The problem is that muscle cells and nirve cells don’t undergo mitosis in normal situations. You theoretically could get it stitched back, use a couple of i.u.'s of growth a day, and hope the cells rocgnized each other and joined. you see an abundance of growth WILL cause mitosis in muscle cells where as A.S. only causes hypertrphy of existing cells. find a liberal doc and see what he thinks about this idea. Keep us posted, and good luck